Tips For Building Authenticity in Your Branding

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In the digital era, it’s safe to say that consumers are growing more fickle. Heck, they can afford to. With so many brands to choose from and all of them just as instantly accessible online, it should surprise no one that businesses of all shapes and sizes grapple with the logistics of securing their loyalty in the long term. In an era where marketing is virtually omnipresent and the average consumer has so many brands competing for their attention, it’s arguably harder than ever to engage their attention. But if there’s one thing that resonates with today’s jaded consumers it’s authenticity.

A lack of authenticity is one of the biggest branding mistakes you can make. Authenticity reminds them that there are people behind the businesses they use. It reminds them that these people care about them and genuinely want to help meet their needs. It helps them to feel a personal connection in a world where so many of us feel divided. Here are some ways you can help build that authenticity into your brand and your business to help your customers to build that essential personal connection…

Blog as often as possible

Your blog is an important part of making your voice heard, which is why it’s so important to do as much of it as possible yourself. Blogging not only helps consumers to get to know you and the people behind your brand, it also helps you to establish your knowledge, experience and authority in your chosen field, reminding your customers why they can trust in you.

It can even give your SEO a boost as it makes your website bigger and ensures that users spend longer on every page. Just make sure that the content you provide is of high quality and practical use to the consumer. Otherwise they’re much less likely to keep coming back.

Offer them comfort and class without appearing ostentatious

Of course, your online presence isn’t the only space in which you can offer your customers authenticity. Your physical premises, if you have one, offers you a chance to create a space that is welcoming, classy and high in quality but doesn’t come across as superficial or needlessly flashy. These Hotel Chairs, for example, offer comfort as well as a modestly classy aesthetic. Obviously you have complete freedom when it comes to incorporating this maxim into your existing branding and interior decor.

Give social media interactions the personal touch

Social platforms afford you a great opportunity to have meaningful engagements with your followers. But make sure that your interactions on social platforms have a polite and professional tone while still being warm, open, honest and authentic. The last thing you want is for consumers to think you’re a bot. Give people your name and make yourself accountable for responding to them, even if they have less than flattering things to say about you.

Keep your promises

Finally, as important as it is not to over-promise it’s vital that you keep the promises that you do make. Only promise when you know you can deliver and have systems in place to ensure that your promises are kept. Again, if you can’t do this, you need to at the very least be able to make yourself accountable to your customers.

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