5 Educational Party Games

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Even though students should take education seriously, this does not mean that they shouldn’t socialize. Going to parties is an excellent way of unwinding after a long week of lectures and assignments.

How about playing educational games during parties. This is a good way of keeping your brain in the loop. It doesn’t have to be an educational game entirely related to your course. Education is a wide field, and it does not harm you to learn something new at a party.

The beauty of educational games is that they’re challenging and entertaining at the same time. They’re guaranteed to keep you in the party mood, and while at it, you exercise your mind. Whether it’s a birthday or graduation party, you can always incorporate educational games.

Games are suitable for socially awkward who have a hard time making conversation. They work as excellent conversation starters, and they keep you going for the whole night.

Socializing is essential for all college students because it keeps you safe. Once in a while, seek paper writing help, so you make time for your social life. Burying your head in books throughout the semester will not end well for you.

1.    Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl is like Charades on steroids, so this should tell you how exciting it is. The beauty of this game is that it’ll cost you nothing to set up. All you’ll need is ripped pieces of paper, a bowl, and a few pens. Instead of a bowl, you can also use a hat because both can hold the pieces of paper.

It’s excellent for nurturing a community because it requires some serious teamwork. If you’ve been playing Charade for far too long and now it feels repetitive, Fish Bowl is the solution. It gives Charade a fresh twist that brings back the excitement to gaming.

2.    Celebrity Heads

This is a simple game that involves figuring out celebrities. This is also suitable for family parties because it is fun for all ages.

The game involves taping the name of celebrities on people’s foreheads. The person who’s being drilled can only ask yes or no questions to figure out which celebrity name they have taped onto their forehead. This is an excellent way of sprucing up your pop culture knowledge.

3.    Cards against Humanities

The name of this game is quite repulsive, that you might think it’s a bad game. However, it is one of the most exciting games for college students. Many refer to it as a party game for horrible people because of what is written on the cards.

You’re bound to feel inappropriate because the game pulls you right out of your comfort zone. This game will give your sense of humor a boost because of its intense yet casual nature.

4.    Sardines

Next, we have sardines that are named after a type of fish. This game allows you to channel your inner child and relive your childhood memories as you play. It’s just like hide-and-seek; however, in this case, everyone searches for one person in the dark.

Once you find the person who’s hiding, you hide with them as the rest keep looking. The last person to find the group in their hiding place is the loser.

5.    Auctioneer

This is a card game that resembles an auction. If you settle for Auctioneer, be prepared for the noise because it’s bound to get loud. The auctioneer lays down the card to be auctioned off, and players compete to be the first to claim it.

If you have the same card as the one the auctioneer placed aside; you’ve got to slam the table and screw anyone else who had the same card. For instance, if it’s Lucy that has the same card as the one set aside, you are required to shout “screw Lucy!”


These games allow you to have a fun time during parties. They’re not only conversation starters for socially awkward people, but they also help you learn something new.

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