5 Ways To Maximise The Online Presence Of Your Business

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To run a successful business, you’ve got to get yourself noticed. In our tech-focused climate, it’s easy to reach a huge audience of people quickly via the online world. If you’re a small business, you’ve likely got your favourite digital marketing strategies in place. Or maybe you’re just starting out and looking for a few good places to begin? Either way, these few simple ideas should have you covered.

1. Improve your website

When it comes to websites, it’s make or break for business. A site with great UX design, original content, and top SEO will attract plenty of visitors and keep them coming back for more. A website that’s lacking in personality or functionality will quickly send your potential customers packing! Most searches are performed via mobile phones, so ensure that your site is properly optimised for mobiles. Many consumers will click off a site that loads slowly, so it’s a good idea to make sure that yours is optimised for speed. There’s a real art to website development, so this is an area where it can be helpful to call in the experts!

2. Directory links

To increase your visibility on search engines, see that your business is listed in directories such as Yahoo, Yelp, and Google. Search engines will help people access services which are local to their area, so these popular sites can be really useful in bringing customers right to you. Links on directories like this can also be useful to allow your customers to quickly check your opening hours.

3. Blogger influencers

Similarly, it can be a great idea to work with bloggers who have large followings. When bloggers mention you in their content, along with a link back, you’ll gain more traffic to your site. Websites like ‘The Blogger Programme’ or ‘BuzzSumo’ can help brands to find and connect with the right influencers to promote them. Of course, you’ll want to find bloggers who are associated with your industry and share your values. The more that you prioritise authenticity, the more organic that the links will feel.

4. Use webinars

Webinars are live online seminars which allow your business to connect to an audience. You can present products, news, or thought pieces to your target audience and allow them to ask you questions back. The online world loves interaction and visual content. A webinar can allow you to tick these boxes plus present yourself as a credible source in your industry. You’ll come across as someone who values showing their customers exactly who they are.

5. Creative Content

It’s no secret that the Internet is overloaded with similar content, all competing for attention. With this in mind, it really pays to stand out from the crowd. Look closely at your competitors and ensure that your blog content is different (and better) than what they have on offer. Prioritise being innovative and creating a presence online that creates a buzz. Ensure that all the content that you put out there, from your social media posts to your website images, is engaging and unique. Create the best video content that you can, to get shares and boost brand power.

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