4 Reasons Camp Is The Best Digital Detox

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These days we are so glued to our phones, tablets and other devices that we often forget to look around us and enjoy the real world. But, before bashing our ultra technophile society, it’s important to mention that a lot of people are forced to use technology due to their job. A lot of us tend to make plans on ditching screens and spending time in nature, but that rarely comes to fruition in the way we expect. Therefore, sometimes it’s advisable to employ some drastic steps in order to reduce the usage of gadgets and social media. One of them is going to digital detox camp, and even though it seems terrifying at first, it can actually be a really pleasant and life-changing experience. So, here are some reasons why going to such a camp can help you with your digital detox:

1. Having a break can be great

Turning off your phone or using flight mode are fine, but they also require high levels of self-discipline and restraint. On the other hand, spending time camp is a fun way to have a break from technology while still being occupied. The first few days might be hard, but once you get used to it, you’ll start enjoying all the activities that camp has to offer. A tolerance break is a wonderful method that will teach you how to appreciate the world around you and live in the present moment.

2. There are other things in life than social media

Even if you don’t like Facebook and Instagram, there are other social media apps, such as Reddit and Tumblr, that can consume your time. Breaking away from all that can show you that there are other things in life such as sports activities, hanging out with fun new people and learning new skills. Once you get away from virtual stuff, you will become more focused on those who surround you. Sometimes, watching real people do real things can be a very inspirational experience because most people on social media posts are someone’s highlight reel anyway.

3. Getting out of your comfort zone can help

Sometimes going to a new place and learning a new set of skills can be a nice way to change our views and become stronger. And a camp without a phone and other gadgets is a perfect place for that, especially if you’ve never had such an experience. Learning pottery or hunting can show you different ways to have fun that doesn’t require you to be glued to a smartphone. If you want to look more about it, you can find more info here, but don’t forget that getting out of your comfort zone can be a bit inconvenient at first, so make sure to prepare for that as well.

4. A camp can help you grow and learn

Many people love going to different camps for various reasons, so if you decide to go, chances are you will meet interesting people from different walks of life. Hearing their stories and sharing yours can be a fun way to connect to others and grow as a person. Besides, there is something wonderful about making connections that don’t involve social media and emails, so use camp as an opportunity to make new friends and gain some new and possibly, eye-opening experiences.


These reasons should be more than enough to convince you to go to a camp and ditch technology for a bit. But, before you sign up, make sure to assess all the pros and cons, so you won’t end up feeling nostalgic and sad. However, keep in mind that taking a leap and going to a new place will show you interesting ways to have fun and connect with other people.


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