Creatively Telling a Story through the Android Mockup

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The most popular operating system in the world is the Android. Of course, there are so many devices and brands that utilize the Android technology that it is hard to pinpoint which is the best kind of mockup to use for a particular digital product. But one thing is for certain, if you are looking at telling a story in order to sell your digital product, the Android mockup is the way to go.

Not to fret, though, there are a number of free mockups that can help you tell your story—the story of your digital product. It also helps that great websites have some of these mockups in PSD file and Sketch formats. Case in point: UX Planet. The website provides 20 free Android mockups that include clay style, realistic and flat design in different angles. There are also mockups for different Android devices.

Showcasing mobile application through the Android mockup

The lineup from UX Planet is mostly minimalist mockups that have the Android phone as centerpiece. There are no gimmicks employed here, no setup. But that doesn’t mean that you are not trying to convey a message. Minimalism is still a great way to share a story.

What the minimalist design says is that the digital product should speak for itself. So if you are trying to get clients to support your Android app design, the minimalist mockup is best for you. Let’s take some of the examples provided by the website. Android apps are usually navigated through mobile devices, so it makes sense that you use an Android mockup to showcase your design. Using minimalist designs allows you to have faster transitions for your design. This may be necessary especially since applications need movements for better presentation.

But if you just want to showcase how the application will look like page by page, you can use any of the following mockups from the website: OnePlus 6 Android Phone Mockup available in PSD along with Smart Object—the phone is on a red background; Free Nokia 8 Android Smartphone PSD mockups—three Nokia 8 featuring phone screens in different colors—use this to showcase the different pages of the application; Nexus P Freebie featuring the front and back views of the phone—better for a more funky application since the background features two slanting sashes in funky pastel colors; Samsung Galaxy S7 Flat Mockup featuring a smaller perspective and larger perspective of the same phone—this is perfect at demonstrating the side by side view of a design seen at a closer distance and another at a farther distance.

Those are just samples of how you can tell a story despite minimalist designs. Now let’s tell a story using gimmicks and accessories in mockups.

Stories your mobile devices tell

Mobile devices are now tools for story-telling. The world is getting extremely mobile. There was a time when we needed to have landlines at home. Now, landlines have become extremely unnecessary. Why pay for another phone when your cellphone can do everything? There was a time when people pay with actual money. Now, majority of Americans pay with their credit cards, and a growing number of people are using their mobile devices to pay for products and services. Then there was a time when people have to wait to be at home or be in school, the office or the library in order to open a website. There was a time when websites can only be navigated through the desktops. Now, you can be online anywhere you are through your mobile phone.

There is no denying it, mobile phones are the best tools to tell your story—the story of your digital product conveyed through Android mockups. So let’s get on with it.

Underwater Samsung Galaxy S9 mockup

This is one of the most beautiful Samsung mockups that tell a very specific story. This particular mockup courtesy of shows the front view of the Samsung Galaxy S9 at close range and the back view of the same view at the background. Both devices are partly submerged underwater in what could be the ocean or an aquarium. The background includes a sea turtle and a couple of jellyfishes. So what is the story here? The story is that you can take your Samsung Galaxy S9 underwater.

Now, what kind of application do you need underwater? There are a handful of digital products that could fit this narrative. First of all, the best reason why you want to take your phone underwater is because you want to take photos or videos of underwater marine resources. So you can use this mockup if your digital product involves editing applications, movie-maker applications, distance indicator—to measure how deep underwater you are, light in case you are diving in the dark, and several others.

Samsung is probably the most popular Android device in the market right now. So expect so many different mockups that will cater to this brand and device. To know more about the latest Samsung Galaxy S11, check out this report from Forbes.

Woman Holding Android Phone Mockup

This mockup features a woman holding an Android phone as if contemplating what to do with it. She seems to be at home as evidenced by the couch she is on and the colorful throw pillow beside her. The wooden center table is also partially seen on the mockup. If you want to create your own mockup to fit your need, you can use whatever Android mobile device that you prefer: Google Pixel, old HTC phone, Nexus smartphone, Nokia Lumia and the various Samsung models out there.

There are so many digital products that could make use of this kind of mockup. But to fit the narrative, the product has to be for women and should be something that they “use” in order to relax. So this could be an e-commerce website for female accessories or she could simply be reading a romantic novel. She could also be browsing wedding ideas.

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