Why First Impressions Count In Business

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It’s said that first impressions last, and that most people make a decision on the person they are meeting within the first few seconds of a conversation. That’s not to say those first impressions can’t be overcome with a little bit of effort and care, but when it comes to business first impressions and last impressions must all be the best they can be, if your lacklustre first impression to a potential client puts them off hiring you for your services you are not only losing money, but you are also losing the word-of-mouth marketing that could come from this connection. Every meeting as an opportunity, and making a first impression that impresses is essential.


When a potential client enters your business premises, and they look around at the environment, if they find top of the range Entrance Matting System in place, followed by a friendly welcome and some greenery in the reception area. You’re going to be off to a great start. Nobody likes to walk into a dark and dingy office, and even though some businesses, unfortunately, working with small space with a few windows, due to necessity, there are many tricks and ideas to help you overcome this, and create a bright and inviting entrance to your business. It’s important because as we said first impressions last. Still, it’s also essential to show the professionalism of your business, and if you take time to get the small things right, then it’s a good indication as to how you run your business.


When a new customer or client gets in contact with you, and they start asking questions, if you are open and honest, and polite you are going to make a good impression, if however you are distracted and don’t deal with the queries in the right way, you may find you lose a sale, of course, you don’t want to come across like a heavy-handed salesperson, but polite and professional, and interested, Is the way forward.


Many people do not even contact you before they form an opinion of you and your business, the way you conduct yourself via social media, how professional your website is. How people talk about you and your company has a lot of weight when a person is trying to decide whether to hire you or not. So always doing your best, fixing mistakes, and dealing with your existing clients in a professional and friendly manner, will prevent problems in this area. Many businesses have found themselves in big trouble from lack off, or miscommunication. So avoiding this at all costs is a good idea.

Ultimately to make a good first impression it’s a good idea always to be professional and do your best at all times, this also extends to any staff that represent your business, especially so if they attend networking events or tell their friends and family about the company they work for. Getting the basics right from the beginning will help your business in the long run.

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