What’s Relevant in Digital Marketing for the Coming Year?

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Digital marketing evolves over time. To keep up, it’s necessary to evolve with it or get left behind. Sometimes, this leads to entirely new practices or marketing methods being invented. Other times, existing ones are refined or taken to the next level. Let’s look at what’s becoming relevant for the coming year in digital marketing.

Advertising Becomes Even More Targeted

While the push back from consumers has been growing with the uneasy sense of being followed around by adverts, no one can deny their effectiveness. Whether through retargeting previous visitors to a business site that later find themselves on Facebook, or with online display adverts, the more relevant the ad, the better the response rate.

Targeting the right consumers just before they’re about to making a buying decision is ideal. The next best thing is when they’re undecided but willing to consider competing brands when those brands “magically” appear on the websites they’re visiting.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is Taken More Seriously Now

As companies try to squeeze every last bit out of every transaction, they realise that there’s a limit to how far they can take it. When the cost of advertising to a new group of possible customers becomes too great, it’s natural to look elsewhere for a more economical gain. The answer that is increasingly being accepted is to use CRO.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) takes the existing way that products are presented, and shopping carts are used, and looks to streamline the process. Getting more potential buyers to complete their purchase, or simply avoiding them getting lost in a sea of confusing details on a product page requires a keen awareness of the problem and a desire to do something about it.

With CRO, you’re doing more with what you already have. You are not chasing more traffic but doing more with the visitors you already have on the page. It’s highly cost-effective Vs simply advertising more aggressively to find new customers. With conversion rate optimisation, you must “assume nothing and optimise everything”, which is what conversion rate optimisation specialists, Converted promote with their hands-on scientific methodology and research into CRO.

Pro-active Marketing Instead of Relying on Organic Traffic from Google

Using alternative methods to get new customers rather than being at the whim of the search engines is something that’s becoming more in favour with corporate clients. While free organic traffic is great, it can lead to lazy marketers, and all businesses must also be marketers to some extent.

Lead generation involves finding new, creative ways to drive interest and targeted visitors to the website. There are different marketing approaches to achieve this. Usually a company will pay for each new online lead based on its potential value, and sometimes it’s software that does the work for them too.

Chatbots are growing in popularity for companies willing to try them. There are hundreds of thousands of Chatbots on the Facebook platform alone. They engage you with Facebook Messenger responses and provide marketing messages to the masses, one person at a time.

Influencer marketing through social media and video content platforms continues to grow too. Matching a social influencer who has a genuine interest in a promoted product is where this type of marketing is at for 2020.

Whether finding new ways to discover potential customers, doing more with existing visitors on the site, or using Chatbots to try marketing using the latest AI, it’s necessary to try new things to succeed. Otherwise, old techniques will eventually stop working, while new ideas get too easily dismissed as a passing fad.

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