Event Planners Guide: How To Dress Your Team Appropriately

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Event planning can be quite a tricky opportunity as there are several crucial factors to consider. From obtaining certain permits for events to understanding premises capacity and coordinating varying details that will contribute to a successful event, event planners should be able to do it all. However, dressing your team appropriately should be a concern for each event as countless planners make the mistake of assuming one standard uniform will be appropriate for varying types of events. While a smart black and white uniform would be appropriate for your serving staff at corporate events, the same uniform would not be appropriate for ticket sales staff at a music festival. To ensure your team is always looking their best at your events, the following tips to dress your team are essential.

Casual Events

When planning and a casual type of event such as a music festival where guests will likely arrive in casual attire, it would be wise to opt for custom t-shirts that boast your companies logo. Going overboard with smart uniforms at casual events will leave the impression that you are not entirely prepared. A simple t-shirt and plain black pants will be more than suitable for casual events. However, your team should be recognizable from the crowd of guests, which means a brighter colour custom t-shirt and name badges would be required.

Corporate Functions And Weddings

Planning corporate events requires a lot more attention to detail as your team will need to put their best foot forward. When planning corporate functions and elegant events such as weddings, your team should opt for a black and white colour scheme, button shirts, and neckties or bow ties. Your serving staff should also wear name badges to be easily identified.

Promotional Events

The details of promotional events can vary greatly. However, it would be wise to dress your team in simply fitted shirts and plain pants. If your client is supplying the t-shirts for the promotional event, you will need to ensure the sizes are suitable. Proper sizing can go a long way in terms of professional appeal. Therefore, it would be wise to have your team fitted for size prior to having uniforms supplied. As promotional events would usually require your team to be on their feet for hours on end, you will need to suggest flat comfortable shoes that are not too casual in appearance.

Encourage Your Team To Get Dressed After Arriving

Rather than insisting your team should arrive at events in uniform, you should request that they dress on arrival to the event. This is to prevent members of your team from arriving untidy. By encouraging your team to dress after arriving at an event, you will be able to keep the correct uniforms in order. It is not at all uncommon for team members to misplace parts of uniforms or spill drinks or food on their uniforms while they are travelling to an event, which can be a notably devastating situation to deal with. Planning ahead is the best way to avoid this.

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