More Than The Demographic: Are There Any New Marketing Methods To Try?

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These days there is no better way to waste your budget than to try every marketing component out there. Marketing is essential, but it can be viewed as a necessary evil. Trying to find a new approach to marketing is very much like trying to reinvent the wheel. So what is the solution? And are there any new marketing methods to try?

Using Older Practices As New

Now we see so many companies repurposing their online content, from blogs being turned into videos and podcasts, that if you have something good you shouldn’t use it just the once! When it comes to repurposing old content in a new format, perhaps the trusty letter and newspaper adverts is a way to make yourself stand out? When you look at direct mail fulfilment, and similar components, the very fact that you are sending a personalised piece of text to someone is more tangible than an email that can be deleted. Look at the recent marketing tactic the band Coldplay made; they placed an advert in small newspapers to announce the album. In a world of Instagram posts and big unveilings, this subtle, even classic approach, automatically stood out.

Deeper, More Detailed Content

There’s a lot to be said about the attention span of the modern world. We, seemingly, want information delivered in bite-sized chunks. But there are certain parts of marketing that lend itself well to the long-form. One example is podcasting, where you build up a relationship with the listener over time, but you also have the luxury of time to tell your tale. But another approach can be a webinar. It all depends on the topic, but this can be a very valuable onboarding tool for new customers. Businesses are investing in webinars not necessarily for the average customer visiting a store or website, but the bigger industries, such as the dental industry, can benefit from details webinars that take clients on a journey. We only have to look at the power of the TEDx talks to see what detail content can really do.

Staying Away From The Big Social Media Platforms

Social media comprises of the big three: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but when you go beyond the traditional platforms, such as Reddit or Quora, especially when it comes to outreach, the specifics of these websites can prove invaluable in terms of reaching a target audience. When you have a specific need, it can be a great way to act as a public relation function. If you are looking for a method of earned media and customer engagement, providing advice to those people looking for specific, detailed information can drive them to your website and increase your ROI.

What is the solution to the oversaturation of marketing? Is it about new methods? You can argue that there aren’t any new methods, just old practices repurposed as new. But also, when you are trying to stand out from the norm, you have to not dumb down the content for the audience. We live in an age of lots of content, and this means that if we are trying to engage certain customers we’ve got to treat them more than a demographic.

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