Five tips for publishers to uplift yield

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Modern technology capabilities provide publishers with different options to improve their inventory monetization. In this article, we are highlighting five ways to gain revenue from publishing activity at the maximum. These five practical tips might seem simple and obvious, however, the reality shows that there are still many market players who neglect them. So the main purpose of this article is not to deliver some innovative solutions but to remind about them and to emphasize its’ importance. Let’s see what we’ve got in our checklist for publishers!

Data is your all

Data provides publishers with the necessary information about users so they can segment it, create target audience pools, and thus, deliver relevant impressions. The timeliness and relevance of your offer depend on how accurate you collected data and segmented the audience, and as a result, understood its needs. As data is the key to success, it’s crucial to select a comprehensive DMP provider. By mixing 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data publishers can tailor perfect supply.

Mobile User Experience

It’s hard to imagine modern people without a mobile phone today. It’s the main communication gadget nowadays. Young people mainly use it for hanging in popular social networks and chatting with each other via messengers, while the older generation uses them for business correspondence as well. It’s wisely for publishers to extend their website resources into a mobile dimension.

Media content matters

It’s very important to be capable to provide different ad formats to the audience. A plain text ad has a bunch of much more attractive and effective alternatives. Video, audio, animation, AR/VR, and even interactive ad options with 3D elements for mobile ads – these are way more engaging formats. So make sure your resources cover types of content that can be used to broadcast as many ad formats as possible. Thus, you’ll get a wider audience capture.

Don’t forget about Header Bidding

Header Bidding is quite popular among publishers. But it’s also quite sophisticated technology. Unlike the “waterfall” auctions model, where bids are accepting one by one, Header Bidding allows publishers to accept several bids for their inventory simultaneously. At this point, the publisher has more control over the auction and he can monetize inventory more effectively and can see the general situation at the market concerning demand prices.

Transparency & Brand Safety

The matter of trust is on agenda now. Brands are getting more demanding in regard to inventory quality and its pricing processes. There are technical remedies that can help to improve supply chain control and deliver a better experience in advertising. Publishers can implement ads.txt and standards on their websites and applications. And it is reasonable to use only those advertising systems that post seller.json file on their root domain. With sellers.json, media buyers can see the details of the selling party. These mechanisms help to avoid spoofing and ensure a high-quality impression.

That’s pretty much it! As we can see there is a lot of work to do. And it’s reasonable to say that all these tips are interconnected and can deliver the best output if a publisher implements each of them.

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