The Essential Guide To Securing A Promotion

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If you have been working in the same role for the past few years and you feel like your career is stagnating a little, you need to start being proactive to secure a promotion. Even though your job is easy and you can fulfill your role with your hands tied behind your back, you are becoming bored. You need to feel challenged and see the impact that your work is having. Twiddling your thumbs all day is leaving you dissatisfied. To maximize job satisfaction, you need to start hunting for a new job. If you want to secure a promotion, take a look at this essential guide.

Your Resume

If you take a look over your resume only to discover some gaps in your skill set and knowledge, you need to think about the sort of professional development you can undertake to boost your attributes. Take a look at the person and job specifications for the sorts of jobs you want to apply for, and work towards achieving all of the essential criteria. Perhaps a formal qualification, like a cert 3 in business will benefit your skill set if you are eager to progress in the field of administration. Or maybe an MBA would be beneficial if you are eager to secure a senior leadership position. It may cost you money to secure your new qualification and study can take some getting used to, but it can be worth it in the long term.


Every application that you make should be bespoke to the company you want to work for. A generic template cover letter downloaded from the Internet can be spotted from a mile away. There’s nothing worse than an employer receiving the same generic application from ten applicants. Instead, do your research on the company, address a named individual and explain in detail what you can do for them rather than what they can do for you. Write with enthusiasm and flair and inject a little bit of personality into your letter. By being more open, you have a greater chance of being called for interview.


If you get called to interview, your foot is well and truly in the door. Then, it is up to you to complete that final step to get offered the job. When answering interview questions, the chances are that you will be nervous. That’s ok, but you need to channel these nerves in the correct way. Flushed cheeks, stuttering and lack of eye contact will not get you the job. You need to look into using the STAR method for your interview answers. Explain the situation, explore the task you set yourself, the action you took and the result of this action. This structure will prevent waffle, keep your answers concise and will help quash your nerves. Scenario questions are all the rage at the moment, so they are difficult to prepare for.

Securing a promotion is more difficult than ever, with the competition for middle management jobs becoming more and more fierce. Follow this guide and you have every chance of surpassing your rivals and being the best candidate for any job that you apply for.

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