Working with What You’ve Got: 3 Proven Ways to Make the Most of Your Retail Space

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The number of people who are shopping online for everyday needs and wants is increasing at a rapid pace. When buying online was first a possibility, it included clothing, jewellery, house decor, and unique items. Now just about anything can be purchased via the internet.

Groceries, prescriptions, pet supplies, and electronics are all available online and conveniently delivered to the doorstep. The savings of time and money put a great deal of pressure on physical retail stores to draw customers inside. Excellent customer service and different items on sale each week are not always enough to keep shoppers coming back.


An organized presentation leaves a lasting first impression on customers. People who walk into a store that is cluttered and confusing will walk right back out and into the nearest competitive location. They want to know it is easy to find what is desired, get through the checkout lines, and get home.

Clear aisle markers, enough lighting, and Used Gondola Shelving for Sale will make retail space inviting to anyone entering. Purchasing used shelves that are high-quality and inexpensive is ideal for a startup retailer, adding a second store location, or rearranging the layout. A combination of wall units, end-caps, and two-sided shelving will allow owners to display items and make the most of the storage space.

Keeping Safety in Mind

Placing products on shelves and display cases can be dangerous if inventory control personnel do not have the proper information regarding the fixtures. Knowing the weight limits and safe height for stocking shelves and setting up displays will avoid injuries. Performing and documenting regular safety checks throughout the store are other methods of reducing the potential for workers’ compensation claims.

Customer safety is paramount to preventing accidents, injuries, and lawsuits. A simple practice is the diligent removal of any hazards, such as spills, products in the aisles, or items that are in disarray. Cleaning shelves often and ensuring that products are securely in place will make browsing departments a pleasant experience.

Leaving enough space in each aisle is also wise. People bumping into carts or moving over to allow another shopper to pass through is another area that interferes with safety. A crowded section will discourage people from taking their time and selecting the preferred product. They may get the other items on their lists but will not becoming frequent customers.

Staying Relevant

The ability for a retailer to offer the newest version of products and cater to shoppers who follow trends makes the difference between staying relevant to the local population and becoming obsolete. Rotate displays and front sections of the space to feature new items and capture attention. This is where endcap shelving units are most useful.

Trendy products, clothing, and brands can stand-out from similar products. An advanced beauty cream from an established manufacturer, for example, should be placed front and centre among wrinkle serums and hydrating masks. This is also a creative way to promote the store brand and increase revenues.

Developing skills and techniques to make the most of any retail space is time well spent. Training employees to follow procedures that offer an efficient and welcoming environment for shoppers will attract people inside your store. They will realize the benefits of trying clothing on before buying, comparing the room taken up by lawn furniture through displays, and getting recommendations on televisions from experienced associates.

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