Eyeball Magnets on Demand: 8 Cutting-Edge Tips for Boosting Your Blog’s Social Shares

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There are millions of blogs on the internet that don’t make money. Some of the best blogging sites have been around for years and still haven’t broken even. To make a blog successful, you have to keep visitors interested. Some tips work better than others, but these are the eight that will get the ball rolling.

8. Be Unique

Instead of copying the format of other websites, make it a point to be different. Sometimes that keeps visitors interested enough to browse your content. If it is unique enough, you can even leave it up longer than normal.

7. Stay On Top Of Social Media

If your blog has no social media presence, then it is dead in the water. Social media is the lifeblood of any blog. Even the ones with dedicated followings can’t survive without an active social media presence.

6. Update Your Media

The videos that you have running 360p on your blog should be updated to allow high definition. And if any flash videos are available, switch them over to HTML5. A blog with low-gradee media will only turn away potential readers.

5. Be Versatile

Sometimes it helps to reach out to competitors and ask for tips, backlinks or a mention. You’d be surprised at how often a mention leads to thousands of views. The more connected your competitor is, the better chance there is of them having an impact.

4. Is Your Blog Readable?

This isn’t about the editing, but more about readability. Certain blog lengths resonate with specific readers based on the content. If all of your blogs are long and no one is reading them, then there is a chance your content isn’t compatible with the blog length. Don’t go back and cut your old content, but make sure to use a new strategy with the new content posted.

3. Check For Errors

Errors and misspellings is a dead giveaway that the blog is written by an amateur. Blogs are professional pieces in every way, so ignoring basic spelling and grammar will turn away eyeballs. A rant can still be a readable rant by getting rid of the misspellings.

2. Keep The Titles Short

Getting clever with your titles is nice, but don’t go overboard. The idea that acute title equals an instant-read is false. But it is definitely true that an unattractive title will prevent someone from reading a blog.

1. Know Your Audience

Your core audience is important, so never neglect them during blog changes. Doing something drastic with your blog type or design could very well bite the hand that feeds you. Change is good, just be mindful of how it affects the people that read your content.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to pour a lot of money into a blog to make it successful. You don’t even have to add content every twenty-four hours. Keep it simple by concentrating on the things that will keep consumers the most interested.

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