Mastering Project Management As A Freelancer

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Most people assume that freelancers only handle smaller projects because they are just one person after all. However, freelancers have access to so many tools that will help them manage projects with ease. Sure the first big one that is taken on can put them to the test, but once there is a smooth process in place, it can be enjoyable and very lucrative.

Freelancer will quickly see that it can be very time consuming, and later nights might be par for the course. And, the bigger the project, the more extended the hours. After all, delivery is the object, and you are the means in which it will happen.

Ahead of signing any contract, you should have tools in place to help your onboarding and begin work. You might’ve set up a freelance talent pool to help you which different things along the way too. It is an excellent idea to have a virtual assistant too.

As for the rest, here are some tips:


You need to make a note of each task that needs to be done, who needs to do it and when it should be completed by. You should also have a good description of each item too. So a quick glance at your dashboard will tell you everything you need to know. Asana,, Evernote and Trello are great options to help you get everything in one place. Here is suggested a list of information to add:

  • Task name
  • Person
  • Details
  • Status
  • Deadline
  • Where it fits on the timeline (before XYZ, but after G)
  • Clocked Hours (to help will billing)


Some tasks aren’t going to be integral to the whole process but still needs to be done. Others are immediate and critical. A task with no deadline will take much longer than you might like. Parkinson’s Law – if you are interested. Come up with a colour code, and place it in your dashboard so that everyone can see it. Then use that key to colour all of the tasks.

There will be some things that are going to need to be shipped out to other companies and freelancers. If you typically get a lot of calls and need to have a customer service person in place, consider intraday management call center instead. With your social media, work with your virtual assistant (or put extra hours in) to have your own businesses campaigns planned and running while you are working on the project.


Some clients will want to see your process, which you can share with them once you have set up a dashboard, codes, timelines and delegation.

Cleaning Up

As you go and complete tasks add in links and files to your dashboard. This means you will see if anything has slipped through the net or if anyone on the team isn’t performing.

Once you have set up this process, you can implement it in other areas of your freelancing life, and it can be used for much smaller projects too. In the end project management will increase your clarity, calm and focus – great for you and your clients.

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