Why Every Small Business Needs A Security Camera System

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Whether you’re head of a large company or a micro business, having a security camera system in the workplace is essential, not a luxury. With plenty of security system reviews available from DD Counter Measures, find out why it’s good sense to install a security camera system on your premises:

Increase Overall Safety

Statistics show that 60.5% of burglaries are forced entry, by intruders picking locks, forcing windows or kicking in doors. With businesses four times more likely to be burgled than homes, it’s recommended to visibly position working security cameras throughout your small business as a method to deter would-be burglars.

Avoid Internal And External Theft

Maybe you’re less worried about a break-in at your company HQ, and more concerned about internal theft, fraud or shoplifting. A business can lose up to 5% of its revenue to fraud, with the median loss from employee theft in the US running at approximately $280,000. If your small business has less than 500 employees, that level of fraud could wipe out your net profit.

With a security camera system in place, you’d have access to evidence in case you needed to press charges. If the unthinkable did happen in your store, factory or office, a security camera system ensures you’re covered.

Protect Confidential Information

Every company has sensitive, high-value information or documents onsite which you don’t want your competitors to see. Having an onsite surveillance system means that your items are protected even if you’re off the premises.

Boost Customer Perception

A good-quality camera security system shows your customers that you value their security highly, which in turn enhances their perception of your business.

Improve Employee Productivity

If your employees know that they’re being monitored by camera, they are more likely to work harder. Enhanced employee productivity can only benefit you in the long run.

Enhance Outdoor Security

Maybe you’re concerned about customers or employees reaching their vehicles safely in the car park. Having cameras will reassure visitors that they’re being monitored, and allow your company to record any potentially suspicious activity outside that could impact their safety.

Lower The Risk Of Vandalism

With security cameras placed prominently on your business premises, you will dramatically reduce any threats of vandalism or violence. Would-be vandals don’t want to get caught on camera, especially if footage of them can be used to identify and convict them. You’ll enjoy a damage-free store.

Increase Sales In-store

With a video camera system, you can track customer movements throughout your stores and analyze what’s selling, and what isn’t. You can then adjust stock to capitalize on high-traffic or in-demand areas.

Avoid Legal Claims

One major worry of most businesses is being sued, or being the recipient of false claims. You can avoid the headache and legal expenses by installing a security camera system which will collect evidence in case you need to prove whether an accident, injury or case of harassment did or didn’t take place.

Be Business Compliant

Your business may have internal corporate policies that expect a camera security system to be in place. With security, you’ll comply with external regulations or expectations.

Reduce Security Staff

With a working security camera system you don’t need to go to the expense of hiring additional full-time security staff. Now you can cost-effectively monitor staff productivity or the movements of customers and visitors.

Makes Good Business Sense

Simply put, having an operational camera surveillance system in place makes sense because as a business owner, you can’t be in four places at once. With video surveillance, now you have access to your small business whenever you need it, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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