The Skills You Need For A Career In Digital Marketing

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Working in digital marketing can be exciting, challenging and best of all, in-demand. Most businesses rely on some form of digital marketing today to help grow their business.

Digital marketing can take you to a wide range of sectors, as well as agencies and the freelance route. With so many options, it could be a pretty tempting career option – whether you’re looking for a switch or you’re at the very beginning of your career.

A career in digital marketing can be an exciting one, where you’ll be constantly learning and developing new skills. There are online courses to help you develop these skills (for example, check out My Media Pal Online Courses) – below is a list for you to start from:

Content creation

Many people who work in digital marketing are skilled content creators. That means they can create graphics, videos, take photos and everything else that’s needed to create interesting and engaging content for social media and marketing purposes. It can be a fun and exciting part of the job, and a fantastic creative outlet for you.

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to be able to create interesting and creative content for digital. Adobe Spark makes it easy to create graphics for free and without a degree in graphic design. Why not try a free online course to help you upskill?

An interest in analytics

Digital marketers rely on analytics to help inform campaigns and establish what works and what doesn’t. Being able to understand the data around marketing performance can help your campaigns land, and is becoming increasingly desirable in digital marketing professionals.

There are some great social listening tools that can make it easier to gather the data, but it’s still important to know how to interpret it. The internet is a great place to learn about social media analytics, or you can pay for a training course that will teach the best ways of interpreting digital marketing data.

Marketing knowledge

Having a knowledge of basic marketing principles is also important for digital marketers. From understanding audiences to being able to think creatively for campaigns, that basic marketing element needs to be there. Marketing is a fascinating subject, so it’s a good idea to start diving into the latest marketing news to help you gain a better understanding of the industry.


All marketing professionals should possess good copywriting skills. It’s likely you’ll have to write some form of copy on a daily basis, and having the right skills can help make sure you say it in the right way. It’s worth investing time in improving your copywriting skills – you never know the value it could bring to your career.

Being an expert in digital marketing requires experience in a lot of areas, but many of these can be learned over the years. From knowing how to drive traffic to a website through social media to knowing the best days of the week to launch an ad – it’s all knowledge that can help you get started on this career path. You’ll find plenty of free resources out there to help you with your digital marketing skills, so start exploring the possibilities today.

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