Medicare: Your Health and Your Health Insurance

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Health is unarguably a vital aspect of every individual, in fact, to continue to live you must constantly take care of your health or else you will leave the earth untimely. The saying that health is wealth is not debatable, it is important for all classes of individuals to stay healthy if they want to achieve anything worthwhile. Any practices that improve or maintain your physical and mental wellbeing is known as healthy living. The first and the most important reason for healthy living is to live long, there are other secondary benefits of a healthy lifestyle which include healthy weight loss, better sleep, sound mental health, prevention of diseases and injuries. And that also means not skipping on your regular dental appointments with the Peach blossom Dental clinic.

There are many tips to living a healthy life, the important ones are eating a balanced diet; exercising regularly, reduction of salt and sugar intake, taking adequate rest and sleep, etc. While these tips are proven medically, one factor that affects health is age. As you grow older, many cells in your body depletes, the organs can no longer function optimally and this ultimately affects your body systems.

However, no matter the standard of healthy living that you practice, an individual is still not totally protected against illness and diseases. Elderly people are more prone to illness due to aging of cells, in order to cater for their health, there are many insurance policies put in place to ensure that they receive timely, affordable, effective and efficient health care. This insurance policy is called medicare in the US, medicare is for elderly and disabled people.

In the US, elderly and disabled people in Maine are covered by the insurance policy of Maine medicare, medicare in Maine offers a lot of advantages for its beneficiaries. Medicare in Maine provides three major health insurance plans, a patient selects that plan fits them.

Medicare Plans in Maine

  1. Medicare Advantage;
  2. Medicare Supplement;
  3. Medicare Prescription Drug.

Medicare in Maine is basically for two categories of people, only patients that have clocked 65 years and those with disabilities are entitled to any of these plans. So it is important to ascertain your eligibility before you enroll. You should also know the best plan for yourself. Enrolling for any of these plans is easy and can be initiated online or offline by purchasing the plan in person, some people also enroll over the phone. The choice is yours to choose the easiest way to enroll.

Let us take a short review of each plan available in Maine

Medicare Part A: This plan is for hospital patients, this plan provides insured care for patients receiving medications in the hospital. It also covers home care, hospice care and more.

Medicare Part B: This plan covers outpatient. Other services that are taken care of our preventive care, lab tests, doctor’s visits, and mental health. You may decide to have both plans.

Medicare Part C: This is also called Medicare Advantage, they provide all services under parts A and B in addition to other secondary services. This service covers prescription drug costs, dental, vision, etc

Medicare Part D: It is either in combination with part A or B. It covers prescription drug costs

Medicare Supplement: As the name implies, it helps to provide coverage for services not covered under your Maine Medicare plan.

Finally, keeping your medicare card safe is important because it contains vital information. Medicare card is the card you collect after enrolling in Medicare. This card contains unique medicare number that a patient needs from time to time. If you want to protect your medicare card safe, it is usually considered a bad idea to laminate medicare card. The reason is that heat generated from lamination might damage the card and render it useless. However, it is necessary that you protect your card from damage. One good way to do this is to put your card inside a plastic cardholder. It’s safer and ensures the durability of your card.

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2 thoughts on “Medicare: Your Health and Your Health Insurance”

  1. Hi Simon,

    Great to see people giving sound advice about health insurance. It really can be life or death in the US.

    I thought you were US based then I saw you are co-founder of Applied Change which is UK based. Do you split your time between UK and US?


    1. Hi Jon – most of the time I am in the UK – but it’s hard to escape the pull of the US when it comes to these kinds of thorny issues.

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