6 Ways to Bring a Business Budget Mindset to Planning a Wedding

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So, you’re business is performing well, and you’re finally engaged. Even if you feel like you just won the lottery, there’s no way you’re not suffering from any stress as you think about planning the wedding.

Planning a wedding can be scary for a lot of young couples based on the cost of the average wedding alone, which in the US is the daunting price of $35,000. Many couples often choose to elope and save their already limited money, but others choose to go through with a ceremony anyway.

For those couples with dreams of a beautiful ceremony, but not a lot of money to contribute, you can bring the same mindset you use to craft your business budget to your wedding planning. here are are six budget cutting tips:

1. Find a Great Venue

You’re going to need a place to have the ceremony, so it’s best to factor the venue into your budget early.

Decide how much of your budget you want to give to the venue based on how important it is to you. For example, if you don’t mind getting hitched in a simple church, it will likely be less costly than a fancy event center or garden.

There are a lot of great websites to find spaces for any event, like eventplanner.co.nz, that give you a range of options, all varying in price.

2. Limit the Guest List

One of the best ways to save money is to limit the amount of guests that you invite.

Every guest that you invite will be an added expense to your budget, so be weary of inviting people who are not that important to your special day. Cut down your list of invitees to the reception and instead have them come to the ceremony, where it costs you less.

3. Fake the Cake

Although they’re pretty, wedding cakes are expensive! Have your pastry chef decorate a Styrofoam cake with white icing and a cake topper, and then serve a cheaper sheet cake at the wedding instead.

This will guarantee that you don’t miss out on the big-wedding-cake tradition without going over budget with an expensive cake.

Your guests won’t know the difference, but your wallet will.


4. DIY When You Can

There are certain aspects of your wedding that you should probably leave to the professionals, but there are also many services that you can provide for yourself.

For example, instead of paying someone to create invitations or decorations, get crafty yourself to save money. Not only is this cheaper, but you’ll also feel a lot better about your wedding knowing that you created it all on your own.

5. Plan Your Date Wisely

Keep in mind that the most popular months to get married are September and October, so you’ll pay more for the limited amounts of wedding supplies during the fall.

If you plan your day on a Friday or Sunday, when many venues and vendors cost less– you will find that you saved a lot of money.

6. Ask for Skills In Place of Presents

Rather than getting a mixer that you will only use once a year, ask instead for valuable skills that will be of use to your wedding.

If you have a friend with a photography business, ask them to photograph your big day in place of a gift. They will likely be overjoyed to be a part of your wedding, and they will enjoy saving money on your wedding gift, as well.

Bottom Line

Weddings don’t have to be the expensive ordeal that they sometimes turn into. With a planned budget and a little help from family and friends, you’ll have a great wedding without going into debt over it.

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