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Having the perfect office is more important than you might think. Your office is most likely going to be the one place that you spend the most time in, sometimes even more than your own home. It becomes a haven of work, and that’s all it seems to be based around. It’s rare that you’ll find an office that’s geared towards making it as relaxing and as fun as possible. There are some big companies out there that are trying to lead the way with their innovative offices, aiming to make them as productive as possible through distraction as well as motivation. Gymshark and Google are just two companies trying to achieve that. Long gone should be the days where offices are desks piled up on top of each other, and managers walking around like army officers keeping everyone in line. So, we’re going to show you some of the ways that you can turn your office into the paradise that it deserves to be, all you have to do is read and apply them to your office!

Bring In New Furniture

The first stepping stone, is getting your office looking as modern as you possibly can. There’s nothing worse than you or your employees sitting behind old desks that are stained and chipped, and chairs that might just break if you lean back too far. All you have to do is sort the removal of your trade waste, and find new furniture that you know is going to work. For the desks we’d recommend going white. White desks might get dirtier more easily, but they’re so stylish and really help to brighten up that room. Then, you need to put some effort into finding the most comfy chairs to sit on. Considering you and your team are most likely there for eight hours or more of the day, you want to try and maximise that comfort level, so that half way through the day people don’t start getting aggy!

Create A Chill Out Zone

A chill out zone is definitely important, especially if you’re working in a bit of an intense environment. This zone could simply be an area away from the office with a sofa, a TV, and some magazines and nibbles put out. It gives everyone that place to escape the true working environment, whether it be on their lunch, or whether they just need a bit of a time out. Being behind the desk all day is so damaging to both your health and mental health, which is why some new rules need to be brought in!

New & Improved Rules

The one rule that we think works well, is allowing your employees to wear what they want for work. It instantly takes that strict working environment away, and people feel so much more relaxed. Having more than one break is also important when working behind the desk, so set up a rota where everyone gets 15 minutes in the morning, a lunch break, and 15 minutes in the afternoon. That quick recharge of the brain will work wonders for productivity.

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