How To Prevent A Disaster From Emerging In The Work Space

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Your business is quite literally your livelihood. It provides the roof over your head, and the food on your table. And so if you take a moment to think about what would happen if your company was destroyed. Your life (and that of your family) would most likely crumble.

To prevent issues from occurring in your business that could cause a heap of damage. Below are a few things you can plan and instigate to prevent the worse from happening.

Risk Assessment

First of all, surveying your workplace premises shall give you an initial indication of what security and prevention schemes you need to implement to prevent a disaster from emerging. Check the exits from the building, the stairways, and corridors. Plus be sure to take note of any obstructions in the office place such as loose wires trailing across the floors, and any obstacles such as heaped piles of paperwork and rubbish from any office packaging. From your risk assessment, you now have an idea of what you need to prioritize and fix first. Below are a few ideas to incorporate into your business that may not be so obvious.

Check The Alarms

Most workplaces aim to test their alarms every week. However, this shouldn’t just be limited to your fire alarms. It includes the installation of C02 alarms, pressure sensors to indicate whether or not liquid goods may have overflowed in the warehouse and of course burglar alarms too. You can push the test button on your fire alarm to check whether it is working correctly. If the alarm signal is beeping inconsistently at random intervals, the batteries may need changing or worse the alarm might need replacing.

Cyber Security

The digital intel of your business is one of the most critical assets of your business. Because of this, you should make every effort to protect your data. This is in a bid to avoid a disaster unravelling, that could mean a costly mistake and your business intel is swiped for good.

To do this, make sure that you have a backup of each relevant document. From customer credentials to financial reports, and your business’s future plans on a backup server or external hard drive that is stored safely away from the business building. The reason being, in the likelihood of a fire, all of your essential data could be destroyed.

Cybersecurity is, of course, a necessary aspect of keeping your data safe from online criminals also. With small and large companies alike being accessed via hacking software, it’s becoming increasingly important to defend your data. To do this, you can install anti-virus software and/or hire an external IT company that specializes in protecting business computer networks from potential attacks.

Install CCTV

If you haven’t already, installing CCTV acts as an excellent deterrent for criminals who are scouting out your business premises as a potential target. With the risk of being seen trying accessing your building. Burglars are less likely to try and enter the premises if they can see CCTV is present.

Following the tips above, you can begin to instil processes that shall help prevent the likelihood of a disaster happening.

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