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It might seem strange that some managers and CEO don’t show their staff, the people that actually handle their business, that they mean anything. But where would they be without them? Well, sure they can hire new people, but the training costs alone would be extortionate.

How employees feel about their work will ultimately have an impact on how productive they are. It will make the difference to if they come in early if they are willing to go to team things outside of work. Of course, in order to get the staff that will help you in a pinch, you need to do the same. And more than that, they need to know it goes both ways.


Knowing your staff by name might be a big ask if you have thousands and thousands of staff. But if you only have a hundred or so? What about 50? Making an effort to know someone personally, ask a bit about them, their family, and knowing what makes them tick means they become an asset and an acquaintance. And when those requests cross your desk about emergency leave, or you hear they are having difficulties at home – you are more willing to help them out. You will see that repaid – when it is personal.


You are equals. Just because you sit in an office alone doesn’t make you better than them. You carry your own bag, you probably brush your teeth with the same toothpaste. You also might make bigger bucks too. But when all is said and done, everyone ends up in the same place, and life is too short to treat people from different classes, incomes or office positions badly.

Often when you are the one in the big office, you will automatically get treated differently, and if that sounds like you, it is time to go out there and work with the people, or at least drink a coffee in the staff room.

Working Space

If you are expecting people with torn carpets, wonky desks, and really uncomfortable chairs to produce their most exceptional work for you, then you should see for yourself what working in those conditions is like. And if you have skimped on getting good cleaners into your office,, and aren’t personally picking up the slack – you shouldn’t expect the staff to either. A team of contract cleaners can have the place looking ship shape in a matter of hours, and a vacuum and dust every nice will make the space pleasant to work in.

Create Space

Everyone wants to join a company that has upward space. People like to know that they are progressing in life. And if you can’t provide that, provide room to grow in other ways. Give your staff access to training, to opportunities to attend talks, openings, launches, and networking. Provide a learning space that will give your staff a challenge and grow their skills, as well as personal development.

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