5 Easy Ways to Increase Brand Recognition

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In today’s era of social media and digital marketing, branding is everything to a business. Your brand’s reputation can determine whether you have a thriving business or a struggling one. Not having any brand reputation at all is just as bad, if not worse, than having a negative reputation, but either way, your customer base and sales will never increase if people don’t trust your brand.

While becoming a household name takes a massive effort over a long amount of time, you can still improve your brand awareness and recognition by building a strategy and utilizing some tried-and-true techniques.

Here are five ways to help build up your brand recognition.

  1. Have branded packaging

When a customer receives an order in plain packaging, it feels just like any other delivery. Alternatively, when they receive an order in branded packaging, it feels more special, as if it were a gift from the company, even though they bought it.

How your brand presents itself matters from the beginning of the customer’s journey, right up until the bitter end of it. Consider Apple’s packaging as an example. The simplicity and minimalism of it is part of their brand, and you take extra care when you’re opening the box and removing the contents because the packaging makes you feel like you have to, for some unexplained reason. Well, it can be explained – the story you can tell through your packaging can create an emotional connection with your customer.

  1. Give away branded freebies

Another way to add additional value to your products is to include branded freebies with them as a simple ‘thank you’ to the customer for their purchase. You could include branded stickers with every purchase, or run a promotion where a customer receives a free t-shirt with every purchase over a certain amount. Customized printed t-shirts are a great way to increase brand awareness and keep your brand top-of-mind. Birmingham t shirt printing services can help you sort out your branded tees.

  1. Do some SEO research

Did you know 95 percent of Internet users stop on the first page of Google search results? That leaves only 5 percent of the search traffic for the rest of the search result pages. If you aren’t ranking on Google, you may as well not exist online.

Research SEO and what strategies you can use to get your website on the first page of Google’s search results so you can benefit from all those eyeballs you could be missing out on right now. Keyword research is crucial, so take the time to understand it – it will pay off for your brand.

  1. Get to work on your social strategy

Another major player in terms of digital marketing is social media, and your social media strategy is crucial. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are often where potential customers will go to seek out more information about your company (after your company website) and look for some social proof. Curating and creating quality content is necessary to be relevant on social media so that you can build a community around your brand and raise awareness as well.

  1. Use referral programs

If you incentivize your customers to spread the word about your product or service, they are far more likely to do it. This strategy can generate tons of word-of-mouth and reach customers you may not have reached otherwise. Additionally, they will already have a favorable view of your brand, since someone they know and trust has recommended you to them.

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