Who Would Work In A Business Like This?

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When most managers post job listings, they imagine they’ll have to deal with at least some influx of applications. Most corporate jobs are thought to attract around 250 resumes. If anything, then, you may expect to have a tough choice on your hands. You certainly won’t be expecting a total blackout.

And yet, if you aren’t careful, this is what you might find. Aside from a few trickling and inappropriate applicants, some job owners find desirable employees aren’t interested in what they offer. It can be a real blow, especially given how vital a good team is to success. Luckily, there tend to be some solid foundations behind it.

A great variety of factors can change the success of a job posting. Everything from job descriptions to salary brackets can dictate who does (or more importantly, doesn’t) apply. If you think you’ve managed all this, though, it could be that your business space isn’t appealing. Most of us check out retail or public premises before applying for a job, after all. If future applicants find the following when they come to you, it’s no wonder that no one’s applying.

Seemingly unhappy staff

Given that applicants are coming to check out a job opportunity, they’re sure to look to your staff. If they notice a team who seems unhappy or looks like they have too much work, they’re unlikely to apply. Instead, take care of the employees you’ve got by making sure they’re never short-staffed or stressed. That way, there’s more chance they’ll be smiling and chill when applicants come to check them out.

Decor that doesn’t inspire

Given that your physical business space could become like an applicant’s second home, the wrong decor can also be a deterrent. An office which hasn’t been updated since the 70s, for instance, isn’t a space anyone would want to work in. Equally, a retail unit with dirty carpets and cluttered shelving doesn’t scream ‘inspiration.’ If you fear your decor is letting you down, make some updates. This can benefit both the team you have and your chances of appealing to new staff. We’re talking about total office refits with productivity in mind. Or, you could replace that grubby retail carpet with hard flooring and deck coating systems for easier cleaning. Even just cutting back on stock can increase sales and, in this instance, make applicants more liable to give you a chance.

A difficult location

Location always matters in business, and the application race is no different. If potential applicants have to get two buses reach you, they’re unlikely to bother sending a resume. Instead, you would be better off heading for inner-city areas if you’re to attract the best talent. Rent may cost more, but that’s money you could soon see back with the pile of resumes you’re liable to get as a result.

Never underestimate how vital it is to consider how you appear to potential employees. If you want a team you can trust in, you need to spruce up!

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