Revolutionise Your Office For A Boost In Productivity

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If you are a relatively new startup, but you have recently taken the plunge and leased an office space in which to house your new staff, you need to focus on your productivity levels. Creating a cohesive team is tough. You need a group of people that can bounce ideas off one another, who like one another, and who enjoy sharing knowledge for the good of your business. A dynamic and inspiring workplace can help facilitate this. As the boss, it is up to you to ensure that this happens. You need to create an atmosphere of respect and camaraderie, and your staff must feel empowered by their surroundings. Mould on walls, chipped paint and stained beige carpet tiles just won’t do. Take a look at how you can revolutionise your office to boost productivity.

Go Up

If there is damp on your ceilings, don’t just paint over it and hope for the best. Damp in a building can cause a whole host of health problems and makes your workplace musty. Hire a professional to gain exterior roof access to give your tiles or slate an audit. A simple cracked tile can cause a wealth of interior issues but be ridiculously cheap and easy to fix. Take a look at your guttering and pipework too. By maintaining the structural integrity of your building, you can rectify interior issues.

What Do Your Staff Want?

The chances are that your staff team crave something inspiring in their place of work. Whip out the white paint, swap the strip lighting for LED spotlights and add a splash of greenery. Put some arty black and white photographs of the local area on the walls and replace the individual desktop booths with more collaborative meeting pods. This inspires your team to meet and converse. Gone are the sea of yawning faces and twiddling thumbs to be replaced by water cooler moments, a buzz of ideas and busy minds buying into your business vision. With a more dynamic environment in which to work, your staff will enjoy coming into the office in the mornings rather than dreading their working day.

Health And Safety

It might seem boring, but it’s vital that your workplace adheres to health and safety legislation. You don’t want your marketing manager tripping over loose cables. At the same time, you want your staff to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Don’t just buy a whole host of office chairs because they were cheap and ex-display. Consider the best ergonomically designed chairs for good posture and comfort. Go cheaper and you could have colleagues taking days off work because of bad backs. While better crafted furniture might cost more, you will see less absenteeism and higher rates of productivity as morale remains high and the workplace remains happy and dynamic.

It can be hard being an employer rather than an employee. Always try to put yourself in your staff team’s shoes and empathise. By following this guide you can have a brand new workplace as well as a revolutionised workforce.

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