Don’t Go With The Flow With Your SEO

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If you’ve put work into a website at any point over the last couple of decades, you’ve probably heard of SEO before. Standing for search engine optimisation, this area comprises of a set of practices which are designed to push your website to the top of search rankings on platforms like Google. While there are loads of tools and resources which are designed to help you with this, though, you need to be doing more than simply going with the flow with your SEO. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best tools on the market to make this sort of work easier.


The first stage in a journey like this is always going to involve a little bit of research. SEO is largely built around keywords and search terms, with people tailoring their sites to different phrases which they think people are likely to look for. You can’t rely on guesses at this stage, though, as you need to pick words which people are actually looking for. One of the best tools to help with this is Google’s own Keyword Research Tool. While this is designed for advertising, it is free to use, and provides information which can be used by those who want nothing to do with their Ad system.

Website Scanning

This next job is a little trickier than the research you do in the beginning, as it involves keywords and website structure, as well as the overall performance of your pages. There are loads of tools around the web which can be used to scan your website to give you a better understanding of how well it will perform with sites like Google. They all offer slightly different features and benefits, making it worth spending some time looking at all of the options you have before you choose the one you’d like to use.


  • SEO Web Page Analyser: This is one of the best sites on the market for those looking for quick tips to help them to boost their SEO. It doesn’t give you a huge amount of information, but it covers the fundamental areas you need to consider without overloading you with information. This is great when you’re trying to figure out how many of each keyword you have on your pages.



  • Seobility: The next option costs a little to use, but can be well worth it for those who want to push their SEO further. Giving you a deep insight into the structure, content, and general performance of your site, it can cover more than just SEO, and make your site a lot better for users. It will can your website using the same methods as Google, ensuring that you have an accurate idea of what needs to be done.



Most people aren’t able to manage something like SEO on their own when they don’t have any experience in the field. It takes more than simply being told what is wrong with your website to fix it, as you also have to know how to make the changes which are being presented to you. Websites like Youtube can help with this, but will offer limited resources when it comes to the exact site you’re working on. Blogs can also be useful, and will be one of the best places to get information when you’re working on something like this. Alongside this, though, it will probably be worth putting some time into talking to other people who have been through this process themselves.

If you’re finding yourself really stuck with your SEO, it can be helpful to look into the idea of using a professional company to help you. There are loads of developers out there which will only work on SEO, giving them a deep insight into the field and what will need to be done to your site to make it better. SEO isn’t easy, and a lot of people make mistakes along the way, making it well worth having an expert to work on this for you. They will use the tools which have been covered in this post, along with industry-leading methods to see deeper into the website which you’ve had built.

SEO is one of the biggest challenges modern businesses face, especially when they don’t have huge amounts of resources to throw at it. Of course, while this means that you will have to work hard on it, it also means that other small companies are in the same boat. If you’re able to be a little bit better than the competition, you should be able to take the web by storm.

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