Putting Thought Into Your Recruitment

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Recruitment becomes a major part of business upkeep, management and progression when you begin to expand and experience more success. The people who work for you can make a major impact on your brand and the way it’s perceived by the general public, as well as how your company is viewed by other people who are working for you. This is why you need to take this process extremely seriously! Here are just a couple of roles that are often neglected. Many business owners hire the first person to apply for these positions, but specific skill sets really are required and it’s important that you take on people who tick all the necessary boxes to excel in each position!


Customers’ first point of contact with your business is likely to be your receptionist. This professional will great people when they enter your commercial property, answer phone calls, respond to emails and undertake all sorts of other tasks that keep your workplace organised and keep your customers content. They’re the first impression that your business gives out and first impressions really do count! So, you need to make sure you choose your receptionist (or receptionists) carefully. You should look for skills like organisation, information retention and great communication skills (both verbal and written). After all, they’ll need to pass on messages, give people information and insight into your brand and book appointments or meetings while allowing you enough time to get from one place to another on time. A receptionist could even be useful if you don’t have a physical office space or brick and mortar commercial space. Virtual receptionists offer professional answering services that help customers out and ensure you can be contacted in a professional manner.


Now, let’s take a look at a position that impacts your employees rather than your customers. When you have people working for you, you really need to make sure that they are all paid on time and as agreed. It can be easy to fall behind on this if you are dealing with a whole host of other tasks and responsibilities. But missing a payment or making a payment late can have huge repercussions on your employees’ personal finances and can lead to bitterness and feelings of disappointment, worthlessness, or other difficulties. This is why you need to take on a professional in payroll. Many people are qualified to undertake payroll, but you need to choose someone who’s reliable. They need to be good with numbers and they need to make very few general errors.

Recruitment can be extremely difficult and it may take a little time to find the right person for any job you’re hiring for. These are just two positions that you may want to lay focus on. But you should keep the mindset that every position needs to be chosen carefully!

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