How A DUI Syracuse Lawyer Can Help You When In Trouble

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DUI is the short term for driving under the influence. In a nutshell, this means that you have been caught driving under the influence of intoxicating substances. In Syracuse, this kind of charge is not uncommon. You are in the State of New York, after all. In a city that never sleeps, you know that the fun begins at night. Tourists flock restaurants and bars, and locals are off to their after-work drinks and relaxation. But unfortunately for others, the fun gets out of hand.

As much as you try to be a responsible drinker, it’s possible to get carried away, and you forget the fundamental fact that you need to drive yourself home. While there are those who do not get caught, a significant majority do—and so can you.

When you get in trouble for driving under the influence, your best recourse is to immediately call for the help of a Syracuse DUI lawyer. This can be to your advantage in many ways, such as the following:

1. They Have The Trial Experience That You Don’t

While some DUI cases don’t have to turn into a full-blown trial, there are others, however, that reach the courts. This is especially true when other individuals have been hurt on the road because of your negligent act. If your case has to go to court, you need a DUI lawyer to help you out. You cannot defend yourself against the other party if they have a lawyer and you don’t. Even if you may be the guilty party, it is still within your rights to have a fair trial. Through your lawyer, your case can be heard, your fundamental rights are still exercised, and you can get the best settlement for the case.

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2. They Know The Legalities Involved

You are already at a disadvantage the moment you are caught. It is, after all, your fault that you got into trouble with the law. Especially if you aren’t knowledgeable about the law, everything may turn become a blur and you wouldn’t even know what to do. What are the legalities involved? What happens next? Will you be able to speak? Or should you stay quiet? What is going on? When you get caught, you may not realize the severity of your mistake until later, especially since you have been drinking. Your intoxication may have even resulted into a road rage incident that you now regret altogether.

Take advantage of your right to call for a lawyer. If your arrest is legally and properly made, the police officer will inform you of the right to phone a lawyer. Do this immediately, so that right then and there, you have a lawyer by your side to assess the legalities involving your case.

3. They Know What Evidence To Present And How To RefuteThe Evidence Against You

Trials are purely evidence-based. Because you are the erring party, chances are that the other party already has substantial evidence against you. The results of the breathalyzer tests showing that you were indeed beyond the legal intoxication limit to drive is more than enough to prove that you are indeed guilty. If you do not have a lawyer by your side, you will likely take the evidence as they are, and not fight for your rights anymore.

You see, even if you are the negligent party, there may still be some loopholes in your arrest that could’ve also been against your constitutional rights in the first place. Are you a hundred percent certain that your arrest was legal? What gave the police officers probable cause for them to decide to flag you down out of all vehicles? Was there any mistake in your arrest? Were you not informed of your constitutional rights? Was the breathalyzer test tampered with, because, in reality, you weren’t even drinking? The list goes on and on. It is only through an expert DUI lawyer that circumstances such as those mentioned can be looked into. This can be to your benefit if you are wrongfully charged.

4. They Can Do All The Paperwork For You

When you get arrested for any charge, it is but natural that you will face a lot of paperwork to accomplish. If you are not experienced in the law, these can be daunting for you. You may not even understand what is being asked for on the papers you ought to file, or you may have submitted it beyond the prescriptive period for DUI chargers. When this happens, it renders your side on default against the other party. Because you were the one caught, it means that there is already presumptive guilt on your part. Losing by default simply because your papers haven’t been correctly filed, or have missed the time period, leads you to an even higher disadvantage.

5. They Have Access To Expert Witnesses Who Can Help You Out

When your DUI charge reaches the courts, it becomes a he-said-she-said kind of story. It is now up to the judge to conclude who the guilty party really is based on the evidence and witnesses presented. If you are working by yourself, you may not know where to find expert witnesses who can help your side. But a DUI lawyer can do this for you. Expert witnesses go beyond the witnesses who were present on the scene of your arrest. They may be individuals who, because of their profession and expertise, can attest as to the legality of your arrest. Or they may even be able to prove that the results of the Breathalyzer test obtained from you cannot be sustained. This can help your case prosper to better results.


Keep in mind that the penalties for drunk driving are serious and severe. Some can start with a fine, while others may have to serve a prison term. If you have hurt other pedestrians and motorists because of your negligence, you will also have to be liable for the damages you have caused them. Therefore, as much as possible, stay on the safe side. Do not even take the risk of driving while you are drunk. But if you do happen to find yourself in that sticky situation, always remember that the first and best thing you should do is to call your trusted DUI lawyer in Syracuse.

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