Essential Digital Tools for Solopreneurs

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It would be nice to start a business and have a team or even one employee supporting you, but that is not the case for some people. Sometimes, you simply do not have the resources or people who see what you see. Either way, you are building this business from the ground up on your own. Do not fret about this; the following tools can make life easier for you.


Accessing notes anywhere and from any device may have seemed difficult years ago but not anymore. The Evernote digital note-taking app allows you to take notes wherever you go and save this information to notebooks, which can be accessed on your smartphone, laptop, or other connected devices.


Networking is vital for solo entrepreneurs, but sometimes that can be a little time consuming, especially with all the online accounts to keep up with. Rapportive is a free tool that connects to Gmail and allows you to see LinkedIn profiles without leaving the app. This is an easy way to get information on new contacts, and it makes it easier to network. As a solo entrepreneur, you do not have time to waste, and the makers of this app understood that.


You have to keep a lot of receipts as a solopreneur, which can get a little confusing when doing it all on your own. The likelihood of losing track of these papers can end up costing you around tax season.

Find an app that can help you store those papers in a single digital folder which is easily navigable and accessible from any device. These business apps even store other important paperwork, such as business cards. You can organize each paper stored on the app, so you can find what you are looking for later on with ease.


Being a one-person business means that you have to find a way to keep yourself in check. The overall output of work depends on you, so you have to find a way to make yourself be productive throughout the day.

The problem is that this is often easier said than done, which is why RescueTime can work for you. This app helps you stay on track by showing you where you spend most of your time so you can rectify any issues if there are stand-out time wasters. You can even ask the app to block certain sites, so you aren’t distracted during work.

Staying Legal

As a solo entrepreneur, you have to set up legally binding contracts with clients or partners all the time. You probably spend a lot of time figuring out how to get this done each time the issue comes up, creating a serious drag on your ability to be productive.

Time is valuable to you and Shake knows that. The Shake app helps you create all sorts of legal contracts based on your needs. You no longer have to make your clients or partners wait until you are done drawing up a contract, which will make your company seem much more efficient.

These are some apps that could help you be a better solopreneur. These apps were designed to make your life easier, so make sure you give them a try. Be patient with yourself so you can learn how each app works.

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