Easing the strain on your HR team

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The HR department is the beating heart of your organization. That means you need to ensure that they have the skills and technologies to make the best use of their time. The world of work has dramatically transformed in the last two decades, and being able to adapt to the modern business landscape has meant many changes in human resources. While many HR teams will fall back on technology to remain up to date, that is not the only factor that they need to consider. Smarter use of your HR team can have a transformative effect on business culture and profitability. For those brands that want to stay relevant in the near and distant future, here are some of the key areas your HR team needs to explore.

Enabling Employees

The workplace has changed immeasurably. From the gig economy and remote workers to the growing numbers of millennials in the workplace, how we view work is very different. Employee professional development has always been a vital role for HR, but more than ever, employees are taking this role on themselves. People enablement remains a core component of HR management, and implementing a system of feedback is now crucial. Encouraging employee growth and listening to the best ways to make that growth easier, leads to a more fully formed and multifaceted workforce that will only strengthen a brand. Feedback is more important than ever in the modern workspace.

A Data-Driven HR Team

Data and machine learning are being implemented across every business sector, and for businesses of any niche, that means staying current. If you’re not yet using data in your company, then you are falling behind. HR teams can make use of data in a variety of ways, and yet so few are using it. Human resources departments have access to a massive amount of data, but if they are not using it, then that data is going to waste. It’s one thing to offer employee engagement surveys, but if you’re not deeply analyzing the results, then you are wasting time that could be spent elsewhere. HR teams can cut down large amounts of their workload by using data for employee management, recruitment, PR, and employee development,

Rules and Regulations

One of the major tasks of an HR team is ensuring that employees and companies are protected. That extends to legal and legislative protections. One of the reasons why this is such a time-heavy task is simply due to the high numbers of rules and regulations in place. This can be very challenging, and making sure that every piece of legislation is followed is vital if you want to protect your business from financially damaging claims against you. Technology can help here. Using resources like risk management from TriNet can protect a business. That ensures that you are compliant with your employee rules and regulations, meaning that your HR team is free to work on more productive tasks.

HR remains a more human-focused role than any other. That’s why cultural and social trends are as important to adopt as new technologies. Make sure that your HR team is not wasting time on repetitive and non-productive duties, and that they have access to the tools and resources that they need.

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