You’ve Found Your Dream Office Space…Now What?

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Most companies begin their life in a tiny office space that, realistically, could barely be called an office space at all. It was more a desk and chair combination, and little more. But those are the early days: once things start picking up, we begin to look at bigger and better places. And when things really pick up, we look at building our own office, which will become the company headquarters. Once you’ve found your perfect site, what follows? We take a look at some tips below.

Is it Realistic?

You might have found a site that would be perfect for your new office, but, alas, we also need to live in the real world — and thus you need to ask yourself, is this site realistic? You’ll want to consider how accessible it is for your employees, how well-connected it is with the other companies you’ll be working with, and also the cost to purchase or lease the land, and to build a property. However, while you should think about these questions, negative answers don’t necessarily mean that it can’t happen — it’s just that you’ll need to figure out solutions first.

Taking Care of Issues

Any time you’re building or purchasing a property, things can get complicated, and this will be the case when it comes to your new office premises. The problems will stretch far beyond matters of the business, and into the altogether different proposition of property and building laws. You’ll need to know the legal process of buying the land, the ins and outs GPR surveys, the steps to acquire a building permit, and so on. It’s best to get these things done as soon as possible into the process, since an issue with any of them could derail the project further on down the line.

Designed in Your Image

And now the fun can begin: if you’re designing your office, you get to, well, design it how you like! This is an opportunity that not all businesses get to enjoy, so make sure you’re making the most of it. It’s important to first thing about the practical matters — like car park spaces, working areas, and stuff — and then move on to the areas that are fun. Modern office spaces are vastly different from the offices of old, so take a look at some of the world’s coolest office spaces, and get inspired.

Building it Up

You’ll want to work with a reputable and well-qualified building firm in order to make your dream become a reality. This isn’t something where you’ll want to save on costs — this building will be your headquarters and an all-around status symbol for many years to come, after all.

Slow Transitions

You’ll also want to take things slowly. This should be a long term project, not something that happens overnight — if you rush, you might first end up with something that you’re not entirely happy with, but also your core business might suffer. Always make sure that things are running smoothly with the company, above all else!

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