Generator Gear – How to Provide Power to Building Sites

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Every construction site requires a steady flow of power to run well. It almost impossible to have a permanent source of power and that is where having a generator for hire comes in handy. Temporary power is used by construction sites to get the energy they need to provide lighting as well as operate all the power tools and equipment on the job site.

The first step in providing electricity to a construction site is consulting the experts. Look for a power supply company that has the right tools and equipment for providing the amount of power that you need.

Here is a guide on how getting power to any building site:

1. Site Visit

The power supply company that you are working with should be able to conduct a site visit to know how much power you need and how best to supply the power. A site visit will also enable the power supply company to find out:

  • The number and size of equipment that requires power
  • The duration of the job
  • What you are building
  • The size of generator required
  • And any other information to help them provide the right amount of power for the site.

Remember, just like in any other construction site safety is the main issue and the power company will be able to determine the best setup during the site visit having all safety precautions in mind.

2. Quote

After a site visit, the power supply company should be able to provide you with a quote which can include the equipment needed, any preparations that should be done, and the cost of having the power in the site.

Once you have approved the quote the temporary power supply company can then begin the process of installing power to the construction site. The company might want to visit the site again to verify that nothing has changed.

3. Installation

Having a generator in your building site is not just all about parking it in the right place. There is a need for prep work and installing the power lines to the various locations that they can be drawn from, having the right wiring and all this need to be done with safety precautions in mind.

Once the entire system has been installed as per the layout, you can be sure to have all the power that you need.

4. Inspection

Having your temporary power installed is not the final step. You still need to get the relevant authorities to give you a permit to use it. They will inspect the layout, the connections, and equipment to make sure that everything is up to the required code.

Once you pass the inspection, the power supply company can make the final connection or will be given the go-ahead to turn on the power supply to the site.

5. System Maintenance

As you proceed with the construction, anything can happen. The layout can change, wires and equipment can be damaged, stolen, or vandalized. You might need to have repair, maintenance, and replacements along the way and your power supplier should be able to provide such services too.


Power supply to building sites should be carried out by licensed companies. Getting power safely to a site is a process that is left to experts. You should also make sure that the power supply company services their generators and any other equipment they have provided.

When the project is almost complete, do not forget to contact the temporary power supply company to come and remove their equipment from the site to assure the safety of the generator and any other equipment.


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