Why Online Fax Machines Have Improved Business

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A decade ago, it appeared that the faxing machine had become obsolete. So, it was expected that the machine would be faced out of the market soonest. But in the past few years, things started changing in favor of the machine. The emergence of online faxing machines and sending fax online turned things around. It has once again made the idea of faxing documents to become fashionable and reliable. This article looks at why fax machines have improved business in the modern world.

  1. They have enhanced communication

Advancement in technology has led to the invention of new apps and gadgets that can be used on machines. The fax machine, in particular, has benefited greatly from the technology. It has changed and improved the way faxing is done. It allows for sending of most confidential documents in a secure manner. It saves money and time.

  1. Gives documents authenticity

Fax machines are essential for regulated industries. Legal firms, government bodies, pharmaceutical, and healthcare firms only accept hard copies documents. They do not recognize e-signatures and do not accept documents with such signatures. In courts of law, a signed document must have a genuine signature. So, legal documents like agreements, deeds, and contracts need to be faxed. When faxed, the document indicates the date and timestamps. All these are critical in providing evidence on when the document was acquired or sent. Cloud faxing offers a high level of confirmation compared to the email. It gives the document the authenticity it requires to be used in a court of law.

  1. Protects businesses from cybercrime

When businesses share sensitive files on email, they are exposed to so many risks. Cybercrooks have gone high-tech and can easily bypass passwords. It allows them to get whatever information they want even when data is encrypted. Studies show that most of the email accounts on Yahoo, Hotmail or Google mail have been targeted. Data thieves can access whatever information they want at any time. But this is not the case with fax machines. For hackers to compromise any document sent by fax, they must plan to strike at the same time the document is sent. Also, they must work their way around the encryption protocol to achieve their goal.

  1. You can fax without a fax machine

Cloud faxing technology has fused faxing with digital technology. What does this mean? That you can fax using the software on any internet connected computer. This technology allows for editing digital documents as well as including genuine signatures. Cameras and scanners help to create a digital document that you may want to transmit. You can then choose to send the document to the old style fax machine or use a FaxBurner.

Indeed, online fax machines have improved business. They allow businesses to transmit authentic documents thousands of miles away. Businesses that operate at an international level have benefited from this technology. They have been able to engage in profitable activities using cloud fax software. Faxing is thus coming back and it may be all you need to unlock your business potential.

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