6 Creative Direct Mail Marketing Ideas

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In today’s world of digital advertising and email marketing, one might think direct mail has taken a back seat, but it is still in the driver’s seat and is an effective marketing tool. Direct mail provides a tangible means for achieving business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) selling. New twists on an old concept like direct mail may be just what your business needs to rise to the next level. Here are six creative ideas to make your direct mail stand out.

  1. Interactive Mail

One could argue that mail is interactive because you have to read it. But sending a balloon with a personalized message printed in such a way that the balloon has to be inflated to read the message will engage the recipient interactively. Sending a 3D postcard that has to be assembled before reading can spark the young at heart to take an interest in what your company has to offer.

  1. Uncommon Shapes

Oddly shaped mail that is uneven and unable to be stacked will be placed on top of all other mail in your mailbox. This ensures that it will be seen. Then, human curiosity will take hold and it will be opened. This is an ingenious way to grab the attention of potential customers.

  1. Thank-You Cards

Taking the time to let your customers know that you appreciate their business by sending thank-you cards will show how much you value them. This will help you gain a loyal customer base and attract new customers as well. Nothing says thank you for your business like making your customers feel special.

  1. Use Humor

When you are limited to ink and paper, using humor as an attention-getter can go a long way to earning your potential customers’ trust. Everyone can relate to humor in some way. Anytime that you can bring a smile to a customer’s face, you have made a memorable impression that is likely to generate an increase in your customer base.

  1. Mail

When you think of a scannable marketing method, you probably think of QR codes. They are a great way to utilize direct mail and digital marketing together as there are many available apps compatible with QR codes. Having the QR code linked to an informative video or an interactive way to learn about your business will help reach multiple generations with one mailing.

  1. Give Directions

As mapping technology continues to become more accurate every year, creating a map with personalized directions for each of the potential customers on your list is an attainable task. Having this type of map printed for customers gives them a feeling of importance. Your customers will appreciate the individualized touch of your marketing approach.

With a little time, creativity, and money, you can set your direct mailing efforts apart from the rest with unique mail that isn’t easily dismissed. Your imagination and budget are the only limits when it comes to creating memorable direct mail campaigns. When you focus on attention-grabbing marketing material that sparks curiosity, it will pay dividends by driving new business your way.

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