What are the Top Types of Generators that you should buy?

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Generators come in many forms which can make buying one tricky however with such a wide range of different machines it also ensures there is a generator for everyone. Whether you need a conventional model to power your whole house or you want something you can take with you on your travels there is a generator available for all purposes.

But to help you really work out which type of generator is best for your needs I have compiled my own in-depth list of the different types of generator below.

Portable Generators

One of the most popular types of generator available is portable models these are perfect for things like camping and caravanning. Portable generators can also be powered by numerous different fuels and solar-powered models are also available. Portable generators will not be the most powerful type of generator available but some models can have surprisingly high wattages.

Inverter Generators

Inverter generators are a tricky spot because they can often be mislabelled. Some generators will be called inverter models because they have a built-in inverter. But inverter generators are a different type of generator as well.

Inverter generators are small generators like portable models but they are usually even smaller and will typically have a lower wattage. However, because of the inverter technology they can power appliances that feature microprocessors and they are generally more efficient as well.

Whole House Generators

These are sometimes called home backup generators and they can supply power to your whole home. With a powerful enough generator, you can keep everything in your home working even during a blackout. They can take various types of fuel and are the largest type of generator people can buy for home use.

Marine Generators

Marine or sea generators are specially designed for use on boats and yachts. They are a stronger more durable type of generator that are designed to be more resistant to water and moisture. They aren’t as commonly seen as the other types of generator on this list but are definitely worth mentioning. They do the same job as normal generators but are built quite differently to ensure they are sea-worthy.

Dual/ Tri Fuel Generators

Dual and tri-fuel is more of a feature but it isn’t uncommon to see generators labelled as dual or tri-fuel. These generators can use multiple different types of fuel which allows them to harness the various benefits of each distinctive fuel and makes them easier to use. They aren’t an essential feature but it is a good thing to have.

So, that is a look at all the main types of generator you can buy. As you can see some are relatively similar while others are definitely more specialised in their design/purpose. Whatever type of generator you want I strongly recommend researching them first.

Check out this link: https://www.bestgenerators.org/ to the Best Generators.org website for up to date reviews and news about all kinds of generator. Whatever type of generator you are considering they will be sure to have plenty of information that will help you make a more informed decision.

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