Ecom Elites Review: Is this the Best Drop Shipping Course?

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For someone wishing to get into the dropshipping space, or another words e-commerce as it’s all pretty much the same, then you’re going to want to have a good course to learn this stuff. There’s too many scams out there that charge a ton of money and simply don’t deliver.

The purpose of this article is to help you avoid falling into a trap and spending too much money on a product that just isn’t worth your time. There are many opportunists out there just looking to make a buck and fortunately there are some genuine creators that really do want to see success from their students.

Ecom Elites is one of those programs. It has a wealth of information and doesn’t fall short like a lot of other dropshipping courses – even ones that charge a great deal more. It’s creator, Franklin Hatchett, was one of the first people on Youtube to introduce this business model. Since then, there has been a lot of other so-called “guru’s” that have also popped up on the radar.

When asked Franklin Hatchett about this, he just laughs at a lot of them because as soon as they make their first 10 grand they put out a course. That simply does not qualify them to teach others. They may have gotten lucky or found a good product. Franklin has made 6 figures from this business and he passes off his knowledge in his course – eCom Elites.

Course Options

What’s great about his course is that there are two options to jump in. First of all, his prices are very fair – just $197 for the “Standard” version and $297 for the “Ultimate” package. The differences between the two is that the higher cost package will include additional training such as sales funnels, Google Ads and Google Shopping.

Also in the course is detailed A-Z instruction for anyone that is a complete newbie. If you have zero knowledge on how to set up a Shopify Store, his course will walk you through a complete set up. You will learn how to design your store, create the proper pages, add products, create a logo and so forth.

You’ll then learn how to find products. This is one of the most frustrating things that people go through when starting a drop shipping business. Franklin walks you through AliExpress which is an online marketplace where you will learn to find products to sell on your store. You will learn product research and how to determine which product has a chance of doing well. There’s no guessing involved.

Facebook Ads

This is a very large section of the course and it might as well be. You will be doing most of your marketing with Facebook so setting up the right ads is very important. If you don’t have the proper instruction, you’ll end up wasting your entire budget very quick.

Instagram Ads & Influencers

Picking up a lot of steam in dropshipping is the use of Instagram Influencers and ads. A single post on an influencers Insta can net you a lot of sales. It’s a strategy that you should be using along with your Facebook ads.

Google Ads

You will need to be a subscriber to the Ultimate package of the course to get this training. If you have a bigger budget, it’s advisable that you do get this training as Google Ads and Google Shopping is starting to become more popular amongst dropshippers now. You don’t want to be the one that is losing out to your competition because they have an upper hand on you when it comes to marketing tactics like this.

More Training

A good resource to get more information on this course and its contents is from digital product reviewer Drew’s Review. He’ll walk you through all the modules of the course if you want more details including a video walkthrough. Check out Drew’s review of eCom Elites to see what else is included and why he believes it’s the best drop shipping course for any budget.

Franklin Hatchett has many successful students after taking his course and can also back up those numbers. He’s on Youtube regularly posting videos about ecommerce, dropshipping and other strategies.

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