How to Make a Business Card: 5 Tips for a Stunning Design

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Business cards are an extension of your business’s brand. They are a useful marketing and networking tool that can enhance a potential business connection.

If you’re creating a business card for the first time or redesigning one, then you may be curious to know how to make a business card. Beyond that, you may also be interested in having your business card stand out with a stunning design.

Creating a business card requires graphic design skills. Even if you do hire a graphic designer to create your business card, it’s important to know what you want first. To do that, you need to know how to design a business card and make it look professional.

Read on to learn how to make a business card pop with five stunning design ideas.

How to Make a Business Card with Style

When you have the right tools, making a business card is an easy process. For example, you can use Adobe Spark business card maker. This program makes it easy to design the cards you need.

But, how should you design your business cards? That depends on your branding, company image, and your company’s color scheme. If you have a marketing/graphic design team, they will provide great insight into how to design your cards as well.

If you’re a solo-entrepreneur, then the following tips will help to give you some much-needed design ideas.

1. Include Your Logo

Your logo creates brand recognition. Include your logo on your business card and make it a central component in the design. Just make sure that your logo looks crisp when you reduce it from its original size.

2. Keep Spacing in Mind

Great graphic designers understand the importance of blank space. An overwhelming design can be a distraction. Make sure all the information on the card is easily visible and stands out.

3. Select Complementary Colors

Choose colors that don’t clashwith one another. Your colors can be as bold or as subtle as your branding requires, however. The colors also need to match your logo and other branding materials to be consistent.

4. Go Outside the Rectangle

Is your company non-traditional? Then consider getting a business card in a unique shape! You can also consider using materials other than traditional white paper.

5. Use Appropriate Fonts

Fonts communicate a variety of messages. Select a font that makes sense for your company and your brand. You should also make sure that the font is easy to read and big enough to stand out.

How to Make a Business Card from Scratch

Knowing how to make a business card from scratch is the first step in making your design a reality. The next step is using a program or business card design website/firm to create the design you want.

After that, you just need to print or order your business cards from a third-party company. You can also purchase business card paper and print them on a printer. However, getting them professionally printed is usually a better option.

Want to learn more about graphic design? Check out our blog post to learn more.

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