Creating an Effective Talent Pipeline

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Just like many professional sports teams try to build a strong minor league foundation for the future, the same can be said for many businesses. Businesses that can attract the right group of talent through strong hiring processes can lead to many positive opportunities in the future. It is always best to be able to pluck from your own talent to fill any potential voids that could be on the horizon.

These normally difficult to fill positions can now be quickly filled by exceptional in-house talent. There are several ways that you can build an effective talent pipeline to keep your company thriving for years to come. There are many ways that talent pipeline will be a win-win for your company


Having your own employees refer candidates for jobs is a perfect way to start a talent pipeline. This provides a sense of empowerment for your employee that you trust their knowledge and it gives you insight into the type of employee they think would be the perfect fit for the company.

Most referrals lead to the best quality hires. The reason behind that is the fact that the employee would not want to let their friend down, will feel confident that someone saw something positive in them, and it must be a good place to work if someone else was willing to make a referral on its behalf.

Strong, quality staff will ultimately know what the company is looking for and will try to bring in the right talent to make the company stronger. This gives the person hiring some insight into what the candidate is like so that you are not hiring someone who nobody really knows anything about.

Application Techniques

Ultimately, you are going to be willing to hire someone based on their interview and what their resume and referrals look like. Too many times, the process to apply for a job online is too arduous. You will lose quality candidates if they feel as though the application process is too complex and will take up way more time than should be needed to apply for the job.

It is also imperative that you make your career sites mobile-friendly. Most people who are looking for jobs will be doing so through a Smartphone. If the website seems disjointed and hard to follow, the potential employee is just going to click to another site.

It has been suggested that using social media to attract employees could prove extremely beneficial. And, it is suggested that creating a video that showcases the voice of the company will attract more quality candidates. It makes the job seem more real to the viewer and allows for a connection to be made almost immediately.

Source Your Talent

People aren’t really going to the classified ads in the newspaper anymore to find jobs. Most people today hear about jobs rather than searching for jobs. LinkedIn is a good place to start, but utilizing Social Media has also been seen to be very successful. Find places where your competition isn’t advertising and take advantage of it. Facebook is a great way to showcase your business and create a rise in interest.

If you are looking for talent fresh out of college, work with the various colleges to get your message out there. Utilize their Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts to draw attention to your offerings. College students are eagerly our searching for jobs, but if you bring the jobs to them, you are more likely to find the candidate that you want. Be proactively sourcing your talent and that dream resume will soon find you.


Employees are absolutely your best source of branding for your company. Getting your employees out there to spread the message about what working at your company is like will pay dividends in the end for you.

Your company needs a message and that message needs to be heard. Create buzz about your company and intrigue people to want to check it out and learn more about it. Find ways to utilize the talents of your employees to effectively deliver the message of your company. The story needs to be authentic and make people feel as though they aren’t being pitched an idea.

If your company is strong enough, your branding will be able to do most of the selling on its own. You want people to seek you out because they feel a connection with your message and feel that they will be a perfect addition to the team.

Ultimately, you know what you want, and you know that filling that pipeline talent pool is going to give you the comfort of knowing that your company is prepared to thrive for a long time.

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