4 CV Tips That Come Straight From Resumes That Get Jobs

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As a job seeker, there are probably things you do to help you land that job of your dreams. For instance, writing a CV. Considering the number of people applying for the same position, it can be a task getting your CV detected by an employer.

Consider making a few adjustments on your CV to help it get noticed from the crowd of resumes when an employer reviews it. Resumes that get jobs tend to have a few secrets which will advise you to follow.

Use Keywords in your Resume

A keyword is a tool used by companies to help find applicants that are appropriate to a position. When writing a CV as a job seeker, it is essential to look at vocabulary used to describe the role and requirements of the job position you intend to apply.

For example, when applying for a maintenance technician position, it is wise to write in your cv “the maintenance position” instead of a janitor. Have the best keywords, and yours will be one of those resumes that get jobs.

Get Rid of Irrelevant Information

The most common mistake you are probably making as a job seeker includes irrelevant information in your resume. Candidates should only write relevant experiences for the jobs they want.

If you’re a first-time job applicant and still young in your career, do not write an experience that is not related to the job position you are applying for. But if it is necessary to include the irrelevant work experience, make it tell a story. If the experience shows that you can commit to a job, then that is advisable to write in your cv.

Hobbies for Personality

Not many people know this but hobbies is an essential addition to your resume. As a job seeker looking for resume writing tips, always include hobbies because they tell your potential employer, your personality.

Most employers make hiring decisions based on skills and talents and whether you can get along with other employers. So if you volunteer in your free time, describe it, and explain why that activity motivates you.


Most applicants fail to impress their potential employers because of the formats of their resumes. Simplicity is key to winning over your hiring manager. Follow the expert resume tips to help you land the job of your dreams.

Research on cv templates to get a better understanding of how to format your cv to get the attention of your potential employer. Use resume format templates from Adobe Sparks to help you find the perfect template for your CV.

Yours Too Could Be One of Those Resumes That Get Jobs

If you’re exhausted because of writing and rewriting your resume, only to apply and never hear about the job again or even get a response from the hiring managers, you’re not alone. The truth is yours too could be among the resumes that get jobs.

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