5 Tips for Finding a new Job for Veterans

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Finding a job as a veteran in the civilian market can be very challenging. Having been out of the civilian market, and being used to the clear command structure in the military, you may find it difficult to adapt to the civilian market. Competing with other professionals who have been in the market longer and have current skills and better ideas of how to get jobs is always a challenging task for veterans. This is why law firms such as Stone Rose Law (check them out here) work closely with veterans regarding employment concerns, Do not be worried though since there are valuable tips you can learn how to find suitable careers and jobs for veterans. Below are some tips you can employ to find such jobs:

  1. Start by Demilitarizing Yourself

Once you get into the civilian world, you have to learn the ropes of being a civilian. Avoid going for interviews wearing military uniform or speaking in military language. If you do this, your prospective employer will just perceive you as a soldier not suited for the civilian world. Try and learn the corporate language required in particular companies, wear the correct attire depending on the nature of the interview, and respect the boundaries set in the corporate world. The more you appear as a civilian, the easier it will be for you to find a good job.

  1. Get the Right Information

Before you even go for an interview, try and get as much information as possible about the prospective companies or organizations that you want to work for. It is usually not just a matter of a job you deserve, but more of a job that suits your now civilian lifestyle as well as your skills. Your network here will come in handy. In addition to getting an introduction, the people you know can provide you with the much-needed intelligence of the institutions that you wish to work for.

  1. Narrow Down Your Options

You know the skills set that you possess. With this knowledge, you should identify the institutions that you can use your skills and apply for those positions. Avoid applying for any open opportunity without considering your skills set. That would be a waste of your time and energy. If you liked what you did in the military, you can transfer that knowledge, experience, and skills into the corporate world. However, if you never liked your role in the military, then consider transitioning into something that you can do in the corporate world. Just know what you want to do and focus on that.

  1. Consider Government Jobs

When looking for a job, don’t just focus on the salary, check also the extra perks that come with the job. Government jobs come with a lot of benefits, especially for veterans. The government also gives priority to veterans due to their service in the military. Since the government has openings all over the country, you will not need to relocate from your home area which is an added advantage.

  1. Take Time to Inform Yourself

Having been in the military, you must have lost touch with a lot of things in the civilian world. Take your time to learn a thing or two or to replenish your knowledge of the civilian world. You can join a local institution to update yourself with some technological advancements or make google your friend.

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