How to Find Web Development Jobs Whilst Traveling

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What if you can travel around the world and still get paid? Fortunately, if you are a web developer, finding web development jobs that offer remote working might not be that hard.

Job opportunities as a web developer are predicted to increase by 15% in 2026 and making money while traveling is not only doable but will also become a trend, as this report says. That being said, the chance to get this kind of job now is still significant.

If a nine-to-five routine at the office is not for you, here is what you can do to make money while exploring the world.

Creating Your Own Portfolio Website

Having an online portfolio is vital for a web developer. This will help your online presence in the long run.

If you have a portfolio website, you can get many benefits. First, you can showcase your best work. This is important to let potential clients know your skills and experiences. You can also build a great reputation by displaying your masterpiece on a specific niche.

Then, you can increase your online visibility. It is always recommended to build personal branding using a unique but recognizable name (I’ll explain how to do it later).

In addition, moderating comments on your portfolio website allows you to engage with more people in your industry. For a freelancer, networking is important to increase the possibility of getting more online projects to work on.

You don’t need to worry because creating a portfolio website is easy. Here are the steps:

  • Getting a perfect name for your website. It might be difficult to decide which domain names represent you well. Some references from existing websites might help you. Once decided, you should register it.
  • Finding a good web hosting company. You must ensure that your website is accessible online and experience minimum issues to build a good reputation.
  • Choosing a suitable platform. Using a versatile platform like WordPress is recommended to accommodate your needs when building a portfolio website.
  • Making it your own. Customization is the best way to make your website unique and stand out from others. Once everything is set, you can tweak your site using plugins or themes.
  • Having a great contact form. You need to ensure potential clients or people on your niche can contact you easily to work on certain projects. If you’re using WordPress Contact Form 7 is worth a shout.

Now, you are ready for the job hunt.

Finding Jobs that Offer Remote Work

There are many vacancy sites that offer jobs from around the world. You can create an account and add personal information like your portfolio website.

Narrowing down your search on web development-specific sites can save your time. Here are the sites worth trying to get a job as a web developer.

1. Dice

Made for tech experts, Dice is one of the great jobs websites for a web developer. Typing web developer in the search bar will give you more than 40,000 positions available you can choose from.

You can narrow down your search based on your type of employment or specific location you prefer.

Once registered, you can start searching for the best available job while you are not on your home.

2. WPHired

If you are a WordPress expert, you should look no further than WPHired. This website has a complete WordPress job board that ease the connection of great web developers and businesses — either small or medium ones.

WPHired has many jobs available based on position, employment types, and location. Most of the jobs posted come from the business itself, meaning no middlemen are involved that may take a cut of your payment.

3. StackOverflow Jobs

StackOverflow is where great talents of web development meet. They have a job board section which is tech specific.

The good thing about StackOverflow Jobs is you will see no spam or fake jobs. You will also love how easy it is to search for jobs based on the niche and the salary offered.

Not only that, you can specifically choose the jobs near you or you can search for all remote jobs available.

Joining Online Freelancing Job Platforms

If you prefer to look for web development jobs which are ideal for a freelancer, you can join freelance jobs platforms. As you might know that freelance jobs are usually project-based that require a shorter time to finish.

Here are the best freelance jobs sites:

1. Toptal

This is one of the best freelancing websites that focus on hiring only the best developers around the world. In fact, they only hire 3% of all their talent pool. This is also where a lot of bespoke web design businesses like Focus Web Solutions get started, so if you’ve got the time to invest then it’s certainly not a bad place to start.

If you are one of them, you will have the opportunity to get hired by great companies like Airbnb and Hewlett Packard.

The good thing about Toptal for a freelancer is no bidding process you need to undergo. Toptal creates a matching system to make sure that the best candidates get relevant jobs based on their expertise.

2. Upwork

With more than 5 million business join Upwork, your opportunity to get hired as a freelancer is high.

Once you sign up and complete your profile, you can start searching for the best clients you want. Or, if you’ve got a job offer that matches with your skill, you can respond to the invitation to get hired quickly.

Unlike Toptal, Upwork lets you have your own bidding process with clients.

3. Fiverr

Potential clients like Facebook and Google join Fiverr for the best talents. If you complete your profile and showcase your work, it will help you to get hired easily and quickly.

At Fiverr, you can start with creating a Gig (an offer) with the basic cost for each job being $5. If a client is interested in your skills, they can start sending you the details of the job they requested.

When you completed your job, you will get paid. Fiver will take 20% of it.

Wrap Up

As there are more web development jobs offered for remote workers, it would be easier to find a relevant job while traveling.

You can start it from your own portfolio website to showcase your best work and attract potential clients to contact you to work on certain projects.

Or, you can join jobs vacancy or freelancing websites that offer abundance opportunity to work remotely either contract-based or project-based. There are many freelance jobs platforms are worth trying like Toptal, Upwork and Fiverr.

Happy searching!

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