4 People Searches to Find Anyone

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There are many reasons why you’d want to find someone and just as many ways to do it. However, rather than the dead ends of unhelpful sites, this resource highlights the people search engines that can help you get the information your seeking.

Not only are these sites known for accurate information, but they have tremendous depth to provide you with helpful details about someone. Often, finding a person is a numbers game. If you search through enough records, you’ll eventually be able to track someone down. With these four search engines, as well as people search sites like TruthFinder, you can get maximum effort with just a few clicks

We recommend these top four search engines for finding people.

1. PeopleFinders

43 Billion Public Records

The value of the PeopleFinders search engine is its massive size, helping you find just about anyone. Plus, the several search types help you to leverage the information you have in order to get the information you’re looking for. Search for a person using a last name, first name, city, state, address, or phone number. Using this, you’ll be able to get their contact information, address, relatives, nicknames, marriage records, dicorce records, criminal history, bankrupsies, sex offendor status, property records, and more.

PeopleFinders is powered by a powerful database of public records. Its strong technology works behind the scenes to actively seek out new information, collate records, and update data. This means that even as people relocate, change their contact information, or change their names, PeopleFinders can help you to find them.

While a Google search or a social media search can help you to learn what information a person is sharing, a search on PeopleFinders can help you to uncover the true background about a person. For example, you can use PeopleFinders to assist with your genealogy research, research potential criminal history of your child’s new coach, perform a background check on a potential business partner, and so much more.

The data from People Finders has informed law firms, real estate agents, collection agencies, investigators and more.

2. Tin Eye

36 Billion Images

Tin Eye is an image search engine that can help you to uncover a person’s identity if you have only a photo. Using the reverse image search, you can upload an image, and the search engine will then crawl the web looking for other instances where the image appears.

Tin Eye is slightly different from Google’s Image Search function because it finds exact copies of the image as well as instances where the image has been altered or cropped. By performing a reverse image search, you may be able to find additional social accounts, blog presences, or other online activity.

3. Facebook

2.4 Billion Active Users

About 68 percent of all adults in the U.S. have Facebook accounts, and the platform’s global reach is massive. Facebook can be a helpful platform to find a person and learn what they’re sharing. You can search for a profile by entering a name or email address. Then, you have options to filter your search based on location, connections, and more. Additionally, because many businesses have Facebook pages, you can also search for the person’s company to try and track them down through a work account.

4. LinkedIn

630 Million Users

The professional social network, LinkedIn, can also help you to locate someone. Your search may reveal the person’s job history and education background. You’ll also have the option to contact them using LinkedIn’s messaging function. Keep in mind that your account settings will determine if the person you’re searching for knows if you’ve viewed their profile. You can change your settings between full access, anonymous, or semi-private.

Learn more about how PeopleFinders can help you find the people you’re seeking.

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