Preparing for the future: five things to do immediately

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Do you plan ahead or tackle problems if and when they arise? We share five things that we believe you need to do immediately to ensure life in later years is memorable, comfortable and enjoyable.

  1. Plan for retirement

Whether you are 25 or 45, you need to think ahead. Retirement comes round quicker than you realise and if you are ill-prepared, this period of your life could well be challenging for you and your family. Check out your company pension and if that is going to suffice. It may be possible to contribute slightly more each month now, if you are comfortable to do so, in order to have more during retirement. Perhaps, you could make an investment in property, allowing you to receive income each month to help make ends meet once you have stopped working altogether.

  1. Make a will

Even if you have just one child, it is vital that you ensure you make a will. Not doing so could cause problems after your death for family members and it’s doubtful that is what you want. Try to keep the will updated regularly if there are changes within your family dynamics. Not doing so, again, could cause unnecessary distress once you are gone.

  1. Take a minimalistic approach

Reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ you have is vital. It is said that we expand to fill the amount of space we have around us. Most of us will buy a bigger property at some point and probably end up utilising all rooms. Eventually, though, you will probably aim to downsize. If you already have less ‘stuff’, the process of downsizing will prove much easier. Giving unused items away or even selling them, e.g. on Facebook marketplace, will help you and others at the same time. Any money you make is an added bonus.

  1. Consider your needs and wants

It is natural to want to upgrade the things we own, whether it’s a sofa, bed, kitchen or a car. Cars are a huge expense for most of us. If you truly are in need of a new one, research all of your car leasing choices and other finance options to ensure you get the best deal for your requirements. For other purchases, consider if you actually need to improve what you currently have or if you can make do for a little longer. Putting a stop to unnecessary spending will ensure that you have a little extra disposable income or more in your savings account. Try to think about the impact your spending will have on your future, not solely your immediate situation.

  1. Make memories

All work and no play, they say, makes life very dull. No one knows the true purpose of life, but it is important to enjoy yourself and make memories for your and others’ sakes. It is easy to equate family days out with spending lots of money. It doesn’t have to be this way. Investing in a tent means you could have budget camping holidays for years to come. Taking advantage of two for the price one tickets to attractions, castles, theme parks and stately homes, for example. Beach trips are another bargain way of having fun and spending very little (if you make sure to stay away from the slot machines!).

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