Benefits of programmatic advertising

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The programmatic ad is a technology that allows optimizing advertising costs and increasing its effectiveness. The programmatic advertising platform is an automated purchase of advertising placements. The emergence of such a method completely replaces traditional sales on sites and in applications.

Programmatic advertising examples are adapted to the interests of the target users. You are also a participant in this process as a simple user. Have you ever wondered why they show you advertisements of hotels in the city to which you were looking for a plane ticket? Or demonstrate the advertising of the product that you put into a search line? This is the result of the programmatic work.

Optimization of the procurement process allows speeding up the actions of the methods of classic digital advertising. They are slow, as they depend on a large number of mechanical actions (receiving requests, discussing the conditions of placement, booking advertising space). And when there are hundreds of such requests – the process is delayed. In addition, the classic procurement method is focused on a specific site, and to a lesser extent – on the target audience.

Programmatic changes this scheme. It allows advertisers to target groups of users based on the available information about their preferences, search history, demographic indicators. It also gives the opportunity to show to visitors the offers relevant to their requests – at the relevant price for the advertiser. Programmatic changes the rules of mobile advertising. Programmatic gives you more efficient advertising purchasing processes. Firstly, the possibility of the human factor is excluded (errors, the expectation of feedback). Secondly, thanks to precise targeting, the return on ad impressions increases. And thirdly, it is easier for marketers to manage a campaign – a single panel allows you to work on various devices and channels. Thus, the advertising platform has access to hundreds of thousands of sites for advertising. For example, finding traveler users by their activities at different sites (searching for tickets, booking hotels), the platform transfers them to the list of those who will be shown relevant ads. As a result, the advertiser receives a loyal audience and feedback from interested ‘warm’ customers.

Based on the above, let us formulate the main advantages of this type of promotion in mobile.

  1. Operational procurement

Programmatic allows buying advertising space in real time by automating the process.

  1. Accurate targeting

This feature allows searching for consumers who are involved in your business area and relevant to your advertising, as well as those users who are familiar with the purchase process through discounts and promotional codes. For example, on the BYYD platform, there is a geo-marketing tool that allows displaying ads within a radius of 800 meters from any desired point (this can be your salon/store or any other selected object). With this addressing, the time it takes for a customer to make a purchase may be minimal.

  1. Increased social outreach

Programmatic purchases allow increasing the reach of users even more with the help of posts in social networks. Thus, consumers not only interact with the brand directly but they also share it with their virtual friends. This is especially good for advertising, which is demonstrated in the process of an event. For example, Nike launched a campaign that allowed them to send advertisements to viewers while watching sports matches. Users were able to manage a 3D image of the player’s launching goal a few seconds after the actual action on the field.

  1. Cross-platform integration

Before the advent of the mobile programmatic, the advertiser’s money was wasted whenever the user left the landing page. Now there is an opportunity to attract the user using retargeting, which is really set up in a few seconds.

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