Showcasing At A Corporate Exhibition

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Are you attending an exhibition soon for your business? If so, read on to discover how to choose the best stand contractor and how to design successful name badges for your employees that are going to be attending.

Your exhibition stand design

If you are attending an exhibition or a promotional event then you will obviously have a lot to think about. One of the main things you will need to contemplate is the exhibition stand you are going to have on display. There are a lot of things which come together to determine whether this is successful or not. However, one of the chief things is finding a top exhibition stand contractor to deal with your display stand. There are several things that you should carefully think about when on the lookout for exhibition stand contractors in order to ensure that the one they select in the end is the right one.

The first thing that should be considered is the cost of the exhibition stand as a whole. After all, price is a determining factor when it comes to buying any product or service for your business. It is advisable to get several quotes from different companies and to compare them against one and other. Not only will this give you a good idea of the average price for this service, but it will also help you to find the best deals out there at present. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be aware that it is not always good to go for the cheapest option. After all, this could easily signify a lack of quality. Therefore, be wise and if something seems too good to be true with regards to price then it probably is.

In addition to cost, you should also consider the experience that the company has. You need to be safe in the knowledge that the company you are going for has the vast knowledge, insight, and expertise to deal with your needs. After all, this is not a service whereby if a mistake is made it can be easily brushed under the carpet. It is highly advisable to stay away from a company which has only just started up. The more years that the company has in their locker are the better.

Aside from cost and experience, reputation is another quality which should be contemplated when seeking exhibition stand contractors. It is important to know that the company you are opting for has a good reputation amongst previous customers like Infinity Exhibits does. The best way to determine this is to merely visit a search engine website and type in the name of the company. You can then proceed to read the reviews and the feedback that shows up. This is the best way to get an honest and genuine insight into the company. If people have not been happy with the exhibition stand they received or the experience with the staff at the company then they will be more than willing to explain this.

Employee name badge design

Companies all over the world have acknowledged the benefits associated with employee name badges. This is even more so the case in the current day and age whereby branding has taken on heightened importance.

The first thing you need to do is decide on what type of badge you want. Do you want the employees’ names to be permanently printed on the tags or do you wish to purchase reusable name badges? The latter is recommended for those who operate businesses whereby people come and go frequently. It’s a lot more cost effective because you will not need to replace the name badge, you will only need to replace the card inserted inside.

The next step is to consider the type of material you want your name badges to be made from. It is recommended that you opt for plastic or metal. Plastic tends to be slightly cheaper; however metal offers better durability and quality. Nevertheless, both are considered to be a good choice. They possess a professional look and should last you for a decent amount of time. It’s up to you whether you think paying a little bit more for quality is worth it.

In addition to this, you should consider how the badge is going to be attached to the individual’s clothing. Most people tend to go for either a pin or a magnet fitting. The latter is more expensive, nevertheless, magnets last longer and there’s no chance of them damaging anyone’s clothes or anyone pricking their fingers either.

Once you have the basis for your name badge via picking the fitting and the material, you can then begin to turn your attention to the actual design on the badge. Before considering what information, logo, pictures, colours, and fonts you are going to use, you need to decide what shape you want the badge to be. Most people tend to go for oval or rectangular. Nevertheless, an oval top badge is a good choice as it gives you more space to play around with and it is a lot more eye-catching too.

And finally, you need to determine the colours and fonts used, as well as what images you are going to incorporate (if any). It is highly recommended you have your company’s logo featured, or at least an image which directly displays what your company is about, for example; a golf ball for a golf club. When it comes to fonts and colours, make sure the font you pick is simple and legible and that the colours tie in with your business’s colours.

If you follow this guide you will have no issue creating the perfect name badge for your business. Just remember to consider; type, material, fitting, shape, image, colour, and font.

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