The Top 4 Reasons to Study Data Analytics

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In our data-driven world, few people are still in any doubt as to the enormous power in the hands of those who hold large volumes of data about us. Whether it’s Facebook conducting another psychological experiment on unsuspecting teenagers or an increasingly sophisticated machine-learning algorithm in the cloud functioning as the AI for your voice assistant, data is everywhere.

Clearly, data is a very valuable resource. With so much money to be made around data, there is no shortage of data-related jobs available. Data analytics is an excellent career choice for anyone who wants to work around data and put it to practical use.

A Significant Technology

Data analytics is one of the most important areas of modern science, computing and mathematics. Most of the applications of data analytics that we encounter in our day to day lives are invisible; in many cases, most people don’t even know that data is at the heart of their interaction with technology.

Data analytics is increasingly transforming the business landscape. The power that analyzing data offers to businesses is impressive, allowing unprecedented insights into marketing and sales trends, which businesses can then capitalize on.

Learn Online

You can study for an online Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics from the comfort of your own home. Studying online is a relatively new phenomenon, and until recently, online degrees had a bad reputation. However, many top universities now offer online equivalents of their campus courses. These are perfect for those who are unable to attend university in person.

For example, expecting or new mothers may want to pursue a university education while they raise their child. While most universities today are more accommodating of children than you might think, taking a newborn to campus isn’t really practical. Studying online makes it possible for people who traditionally have struggled to access education to do so.

Career Opportunities

As big data plays a bigger and bigger role in our everyday lives, we will see the steady rise in available jobs continue for a while yet. Data is beginning to play an important role in underpinning our most advanced attempts at automation, making it possible for machines to do more than simple mechanical tasks.

If you are looking for a subject to study that provides a clear path into professional work, then data analytics is an excellent choice. Not only are there lots of jobs in the field available today, but new jobs are appearing all the time and new roles are being created within existing organizations. Few subjects look set to play such an important role in our future development.

The Money

Data analytics jobs are relatively plentiful, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t pay well. In fact, data analytics professionals can expect to bring in reasonable salaries from even entry-level positions. As they gain experience and knowledge, data analysts can earn substantially more than they do when they’re just starting out.

Data analytics is a perfect subject to study for anyone who is enthralled by data and the role that it plays in our modern lives. There is an endless array of data analytics jobs available, meaning that there is something to suit every individual. Have a look for data analytics courses available near you, or even online.

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