Why Print Marketing Should Never Die

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Most new and smaller businesses focus their marketing efforts online, and it’s easy to see why. Digital marketing is a fantastic tool. Until you can afford to take on a marketing team, you can do it yourself. Campaigns on social media platforms have a massive reach if managed and targeted well. The results can be quick, and measurable. And, there’s plenty that you can do. You can market on social media, buy advertising space, work with influencers and more. You can use video, content, photographs and other forms of media to reach your audience. You can target individuals with personal marketing, or you can launch a mass campaign. Even better, you can easily try it all, and quickly make changes to your campaigns if you need to, using analytics to judge what is working and what isn’t. Everyone from huge global companies to sole traders and freelancers is using digital marketing to boost their business.

A mistake many of these businesses make, however, is focusing on digital marketing at the expense of more traditional campaigns, like print. Many people make the mistake of thinking that print media is a thing of the past, as more magazines and newspapers go online only. But, printed marketing can still be exceptionally effective if used well. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that you should be printing advertisements for your company.

Passing Traffic

Sure, you will get passing traffic online. But, most people go on the internet knowing what they are looking for. They Google specific things, they rarely just stumble upon them. Real life is different. We walk passed adverts all of the time, and we can’t help but notice them.

People Open Mail

Studies show that despite the growth of online advertising, people are more likely to engage with printed materials. Few of us open junk emails, with most of them going to a spam folder without us ever seeing them. But, research suggests that people do still open junk post and that it has four times the open rates of email.

It’s Tangible

Our senses play a big part in deciding what information our brains retain. When you see something online, you use your eyes and maybe your ears, but that’s it. You scroll past or move on to the next thing, and only very little of what you see makes an impression and gets remembered.

When you hold something in your hand, it’s tangible. You touch it. You can smell it. You could even taste it if you really wanted to. We trust things that we can touch, they feel real to us, and we remember them.

Printed Material Stands Out from the Crowd

An advert online is surrounded by text, photos, videos and links. On social media, your video is one of many that a user will see as they scroll. When working with influencers, your link is surrounded by content and opinion. It’s hard to make an impression when your campaign is part of a big cluttered space.

A printed advert like a flyer or poster is all on its own. There’s no clutter and no need to pick your message out of a crowd. It gives you a chance to speak to your potential customers clearly, without having to try to shout over the crowd.

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