Have DIY Skills? Consider Starting These Businesses

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If you have always been keen on DIY, and completed some impressive projects, you might want to turn your skills into profits. Not everyone is a 9-5 office person, and you might prefer a more hands-on approach when earning your living. There are several opportunities you can take advantage of and start a successful business in an area that keeps you busy and engaged. Find out more below.

General Maintenance

With the aging population of the Western world, the demand for skilled and affordable help around the house is increasing. You don’t have to start your own construction company; you can start small. You might not need any official qualifications to start a general maintenance business, but you will need to go through a couple of safety training courses, and obtain some certificates to prove that you are able to treat customers with respect and fairly. You will not have to invest in the equipment you would need initially: you can use tool hire companies for every project to cut your startup costs.

Interior Design

In case your goal in life is to improve people’s lives every day, you could become an interior designer. It is much easier to learn the skills today than ever before, due to the availability of affordable online courses. You can learn Feng Shui online, or enroll in a college course and become an apprentice before you start your own business, so you can learn the tricks of the trade.

Landscape Gardening

Spending time outside and connecting with nature is your dream job? Due to the busy lifestyle of today’s professionals, many people are now looking for help with their landscape design and the hands-on jobs. No matter if you have an extensive knowledge of different shrubs and bushes, or are good at hard landscaping, you can secure long term customers in your neighborhood and build your business on word-of-mouth advertising.


Those looking for a way to do something for the environment and create something stunning from things that would appear to be junk at first sight can put their creativity to good use and complete upcycling projects for themselves and their clients. You could be good at woodworking or metal, and you will be able to get high profits from your business, doing what you enjoy.

Painting and Decoration

Due to the lack of time, people are reluctant to start a DIY project or a renovation. If you have a passion for transforming homes, you could start your painting and decorating business. If you can learn plastering, you can significantly increase your earnings and your market size. Speed, reliability, and customer reviews will give you the edge over your competition. The good news is that you don’t even have to invest in expensive equipment to start this business.

There is nothing wrong with having a hands-on job and earning an honest living off your business. Find the skills that are in high demand, and you will be able to start your own venture doing what makes you happy.

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