Preparing Your Goods For Warehouse Storage

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If you do not prepare your items for storage properly, then even the best storage facility can do little to prevent breakage and degradation of your goods.

When packing your items for warehouse storage, the first thing to consider is the quality of the packaging material you are using. Boxes being used as part of warehouse storage solutions should be sturdy and properly taped, clipped or stapled at the base to prevent them from coming open. If you are using wooden crates then these should be professionally made. Lose pieces of wood or nails are a danger to both your good and to warehouse staff.

Choosing the right size and shape of box or crate is also important. Plastic boxes are not usually recommended as they can encourage condensation to form that cannot escape from the inside of the box. Take note of weight limits; both for the materials and the individuals that may be moving them at any time. Internal materials are just as important. Blankets, bubble wrap, and paper are all often chosen to wrap items that are going into storage.

You need to choose the right packing material for the items that are contained in the box. The materials should consider the safety of the item, but should also deter any build-up of moisture, damp or fungus during warehousing and distribution.

Such build-ups are the main reason why it is essential that all items are clean and thoroughly dried before they are packed away for placement in a distribution warehouse. If you are packing up seasonal market stall items an

d it has been a wet season, it is possible that everything going into storage is damp. Failing to dry them out effectively could mean all your stock for the following year is ruined.

Labelling of boxes and crates is also essential, particularly if some of your stock needs to be kept in specific conditions within the warehouse storage space. While the warehouse will have its own logistics system for finding your stock, they will need to identify it when it first arrives. If you are writing on boxes ensure you use a permanent marker, in a dark colour, and write clearly. It is a good idea to write on at least one side of the packing box, as well as the top. This helps to more easily identify your box while it is stacked.

Finally, be honest about what is in your storage boxes. This ensures that your chosen storage solution can house your boxes and crates effectively, and further reduce the risks to your items.

Of course, it is also important to choose the storage solution you use with care. Look for warehouse storage that uses the latest in warehouse management systems, and that has the capacity you need for your items. Check that they can meet all your needs and that they have experience working with your type of business.

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