Keep Your Eyes on the Ball: How to Bag That Promotion

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When millennials take up jobs,40% of them expect a promotion every one or two years.

Unfortunately, things do not always go this way.

It’s not uncommon to be passed up for promotions time and again. If you are sick of your slow ascension, here are some tips to edge you closer to that coveted position.

1. Set and Communicate Career Goals

Each end year, or during your periodic appraisals, ensure to discuss your career goals with your supervisor and bosses.

A supportive boss will help align you with where you want to be by giving you the opportunities you need to grow.

You can also go another way and seek mentorship from one of your superiors.

The benefits of this are twofold. One, they will show you the ropes of the job. Secondly, your win is a win for them too; they will do their best to help you grow.

2. Be a Team Player

No employer wants an employee with an ‘I’ versus ‘us’ attitude. Instead, they want team players focused on the team and ultimately organizational goals.

A great employee works well with others and goes above and beyond what is expected even if there is no direct reward.

3. Keep Learning

Show management that you are constantly improving and developing your skill set. You can do this by taking up learning opportunities in and outside the office.

This does not mean getting a PhD if it’s ill-suited for your career goals. Short leadership courses, for example, can give you the skills to handle more responsibility and manage people better.

The same goes for conferences and webinars that you feel enrich your skills. This shows your seriousness with your career and your initiative to make things happen.

4. Show Leadership Potential

Do not shy away from asking for an extra workload or taking more complicated tasks. If opportunities arise to lead a small team in a project and so on, take these on as well.

All these actions showcase your skills, initiative and your willingness to go the extra mile. This paints you as an ideal promotion candidate.

5. Be Focused on the Goal

Being wrapped up in office politics and gossip only takes away from your career goals.

Likely candidates for promotion are those that demonstrate integrity and trustworthiness.

While it’s important to understand office politics, rise above the temptation of engaging in all the drama and gossip mills in the office.

6. Excel at Your Current Role

And this really makes sense because why would you get more responsibility if you’re performing dismally at your current role?

What you are presently doing, any additional tasks you take on and any projects you run, all account for something.

When you show your ability to perform competently and wholeheartedly at these, you become a good candidate to move up the ranks.

7. Network in All Directions

Networking is still important at this point. Form professional networks with superiors and your peers as well. This allows you to pinpoint who your allies are and where you could get professional support from.

Networking also includes joining different teams in the office. Is there an office party planning group, or a wellness team? Join these groups and make your contributions there as well.

The same goes for volunteering your time in your company’s CSR teams.

All these actions show your engagement and commitment to the organisation and also highlights your non-work skills.

8. Document Your Progress

You have to keep track of your progress and your wins. When you have to make a case for yourself, these specific wins will bring objectivity to those discussions.

Have you run successful projects start to finish? Or gotten huge accounts on board that are bringing good revenue? Or even employed some cost-cutting measures that are saving the company money?

Document these, and any other successes you have had in your current role.

Get Set, Go!

Management does not want to be seen to be playing favourites or handing out promotions unfairly. Not only do you have to do the work, but also, you have to be seen to be doing the work.

Implement the tips above and make that promotion happen sooner than you thought.

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