3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Must Stop Immediately

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Marketing for your business is as crucial as lemon is for Lemonade! And, with most of the customers now active on social media, you cannot ignore this channel when developing your marketing strategies.

But, does it mean that every social media marketing attempt will pay you back? So, you must be very cautious. It is essential to avoid social media marketing mistakes that do not bring a good ROI despite costing you heavily on time and money.

Here are some social media mistakes that you must prevent in 2019.

  1. Focusing on All the Platforms

The availability of so many social media platforms entices you to use all of these for your brand marketing. And, if your competitor is present on all the social media platforms, you would not want to skip any either!

But, it is never a good idea to waste your resources on platforms which won’t bring any conversion. Every platform has a specific type of audience. You should choose only the platforms where your targeted audience is not just present but also engaged in large numbers.

Last but not least, you must evaluate your current position on each of the platforms. Recent research suggests that businesses can leverage SMM by dominating that one social media platform that works for them in terms of engagement. Apart from this, you can use two or three platforms with a milder level of activity on these.

  1. Same Content Across Different Platforms

Most businesses do understand the importance of hiring content writers and social media marketers for managing their SMM campaigns. But, they fail to get the desired ROI if they don’t strategize the content correctly.

The most common social media marketing mistake is to post the same content on all the platforms. For example, if you have created an excellent blog post, should you share its links on all the social media platforms? Well, most marketers do!

As already discussed, you must choose the most suitable platforms for social media marketing. However, each platform has specific content types that bring in maximum engagement. Facebook is one of the prominent social media platforms that allow you to publish long-form content. But, Twitter is very popular with its short-form content model.

Let’s see how you can do this! If you share the link to the blog post on Facebook on Monday, you can seek feedback or post an opinion poll from your customers about this post on Twitter on Tuesday.

This way, you are not just targeting both the platforms that work best for your brand, but you are also engaging the audience on different days and through different types of content specific to the platform. And, you have only developed one content but shared it on two different platforms in different ways!

  1. Poor Interaction with Audience

You are concentrating a lot on the right social media platforms for marketing your brand. And, you are also targeting each platform with a specific type of content that can do well on that platform. Is that enough? And, does it get you enough audience engagement?

The answer is, no! You have to interact with your audience well, only creating high-quality content and sharing it on different platforms won’t suffice. After posting the content, you must carefully observe the comments, likes, follows, and shares of the users on your post. If you want social media users to value you, you must value them more by interacting with them and responding to their comments.

It does take time, and you will have to hire specific professionals to manage your social media. But, believe me; all these endeavors are never going to be in vain if you have a good plan. And, these efforts are must if you want to encourage your audience to engage with you on the social media platforms. As they say, “No pain, no gain!”


Social media marketing is crucial for your brand. But, many think it is quick and easy to get ROI from social media marketing. I agree it is not very difficult if you can prevent these simple social media marketing mistakes.

To make it easier for yourself, you can use one of the best social media marketing software. Else, if you are not sure where you are going wrong, and you want to improve the ROI from your SMM, you can hire a professional social media marketing agency.

No matter what it requires, make a resolution now that you will correct all your social media marketing mistakes in 2019.

Author Bio

Jin Markov is a Content Writer with GoodFirms, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 6 years and has been writing on areas related to social media marketing.

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